Thursday, March 26, 2015

No words are necessary

Just revel in the glory.

Lighthouse of the Week, March 22-28, 2015: Tourlitis, Greece

In my late lighthouse post last week, I promised a good one for this week.  Here it is. This cute lighthouse doesn't even look real.  The name of the lighthouse is the same as the little island it's perched on -- Tourlitis.  In addition to being a lighthouse, it is also a memorial.

There are several pictures of it here, at this site, which is where I got the text below.

"The first lighthouse here was built in 1897. After that was destroyed in the Second Word War, a simple scaffold tower was erected on Tourlitis. The present lighthouse is a replica of the original, and was built in 1990s at the expenses of Alexandros Goulandris, an oil tycoon of Andros island. Goulandris and his wife dedicated the lighthouse in memory of their deceased daughter Violanda."
 To see where it is located, click this line.

 There must be a paint-able model of this one somewhere.  If there isn't, there should be.

Here's more from UNC:

"There are no keeper's quarters; stairs cut into the rock lead down to a crude landing site. Since Ándros Chóra is a frequent stop for cruise ships, photos of the lighthouse are fairly common. Located on a rock in the harbor of Ándros Chóra. Accessible only by boat."

Sequestration -- it's just not a good idea anymore

The country got forced into sequestration, because the White House / Democrats thought that Republicans would balk when they had to make big cuts to the defense budget.

But because the budget savings looked so good, the Republicans actually accepted the sequestration consequence.

But it turns out (with the help of Middle Eastern unrest) that cuts to defense are not as wise as the budget hawks thought.  So Congress hatched a deal to override them somewhat in 2013.

Now they're talking about doing it again.  So this shows that despite their rhetoric about the budget, the Republicans realize that crude sequestration cuts are not a good idea for the Defense Department.

Again.  And the Democrats are trying to reduce the impact of the cuts to everything else, because those cuts have hit a lot of sectors with some hardship, too.  So Paul Ryan, the man who writes completely unrealistic budgets, is acting like a real statesman and suggesting he could get behind a budget that reduces the impact of sequestration.

Sequestration wasn't a good idea when it first took effect, and it isn't a  good idea anymore.  I like what Patty Murray, one of the partners in the 2013 deal, said about it.

“The fact of the matter is that we simply can’t make the investments we need, on both defense and non-defense, if these caps remain in place. We should be able to give our Appropriations committees the guidance they need to write responsible bills at bipartisan levels,” Murray said.

Hopefully both sides will see reason of some kind on this issue.

A dedicated sonnet

This sonnet was inspired by, and thus is dedicated to, my lovely Twitter fascination and acquaintance, Miss Audrey Nicole.

Here is what inspired it, a very recent post on Instagram.  (It's safe, if bikinis are safe where you live.)

audrey in the mirror

She gives us flashing glimpses and some peeks
at how she lives; the things she deems to show
intrigue invite and can enthrall us; leaks
of dailyness that luminously glow
with her reality, her bracing wit
and sleek physique, amalgamated to
a feminine reflection we'll admit
ignites our fantasies. And though this view
is limited, at times it is a quite
extravagant revealment, and then we
desire her more, which shines a naked light
upon our own introitus. The free
impressions that she makes are so persua-
sive that our captured sight can never stray.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

At least it wasn't a crab

I'll say up front that there are no pictures in this article.  That just wouldn't be right.  But if you want to see a picture of actress Chloe Sevigny with a lobster covering her privates, go to this article:

Chloe Sevigny poses for provocative naked cover shoot with BIZARRE lobster prop between her legs

So I guess she's providing an answer to the question "What smells like lobster but isn't lobster?"

My first reaction - "I hope you've got some Old Bay to go with that."

And this also could be a very effective chastity belt, if the lobster was live and waving those claws around.

Amazing women's swimming records happening this weekend

The NCAA Division I swimming championships are taking place this weekend, strongly overshadowed by the NCAA basketball tournaments.  So the sports world is not giving some astonishing pool performances the attention they deserve.    Cal, led by Missy Franklin, looks to be on its way to a win after tonight's finals.

Franklin obliterated the 200-yard freestyle record with a 1:39.10.  That's more than a second off the record, which is a LOT.

Kelsi Worrell of Louisville, which is becoming a swimming power, was the first woman under :50 in the 100-yard butterfly with a 49.89.

And Simone Manuel of Stanford swam the fastest 100-yard relay split by a woman in history, clocking a 45.45 to bring Stanford back for a win by .01 second.  I can't wait to see that race (it'll be on ESPNU in about a week).  Franklin, in Cal's third-place relay, merely anchored in 45.98.

Too bad stuff like this doesn't get mentioned on ESPN (though they did show Franklin's 200 IM win).

But wait, that's not all.

Superstar paralympic swimmer Jessica Long broke the record in the 400 freestyle for her division twice in the same day.  The 400 is a distance event, not exactly a quick dip-and-dash like a sprint.  So this is impressive for the Baltimore area star.

The CanAm championship is in Toronto.

There's a picture of her smiling with the medal in this article.

And here's a picture of her in her element (the water).  Getty Image Picture 

This one shows her racing.

INCREDIBLE gallery of comet pictures from Rosetta

Just found this gallery yesterday of numerous jaw-dropping shots of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko from Rosetta:

Rosetta is trailing a warming comet

It's hard to pick a favorite.  So let's just call this a sample.

Caption:  "The comet’s head, neck and back are sunlit in this image taken from 17 miles away. A prominent jet of gas and dust extends from an active region of the surface near the comet’s neck."

Now, if Philae would just wake up and phone home, things would be even better in the comet neighborhood.