Thursday, May 25, 2017

The EPA isn't the target, the environment is

From an article in the Washington Post:

EPA remains top target with Trump Administration proposing 31 percent cut

Just a lovely example:
"The plan would eliminate several major regional programs, including ones aimed at restoring the Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound, as well as EPA’s lead risk-reduction program. The White House also proposes nearly halving categorical grants, which support state and local efforts to address everything from pesticide exposure to air and water quality, to $597 million. It would slash funding for the Superfund cleanup program, which helps restore some of the nation’s most polluted sites, despite the fact that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt lists it as one of his priorities."

With budget cuts like these, there won't be an environment worth protecting in a few years.

Which is pretty much what the Trump Administration has planned.

I don't like the sound of this

I've written many articles about the dire straits of the bluefin tuna worldwide.  But they aren't the only fish stock in trouble.

Now, before I go further, note that salmon, in general, aren't endangered.  There are too many salmon farming operations around the world for that to happen.  This particular issue is about wild salmon, specifically in California.  But the really good salmon (taste wise) are wild salmon.

Several of California's Salmon Species to Go Extinct Within 100 Years, Study Finds

"At the current rate, 45 percent of California salmonids are likely to be extinct in the next 50 years," said the study. "This includes 11 of 21 anadromous species and 3 of 10 inland species. In 100 years, 23 of the remaining 31 species (74 percent) are likely to be extinct if present conditions continue."

"The study's authors remain hopeful that habitat restoration and other protective measures can reverse the damage already done and prevent a mass extinction, but time is limited. "We do still have time, and we are optimistic that with some effort, we can have a future that involves these fish," CalTrout executive director Curtis Knight told reporters, as reported by NPR."

Let's hope so (as I always seem to say about these stories).

Just like art

I've held off commenting on this "new" model for awhile. But now I just can't hold off any longer.

Meet Ekaterina Zueva (if you haven't already).

And also here.

She's Russian, she's insanely hot, she's apparently married (based on a comment she made responding to comments on one of her pictures), and she can be found via searching wearing little if any clothes, and wearing no clothes at all. She's very slender, but has the curves that make the boys wild. She poses in lingerie, sometimes, and posts pictures on Instagram (as "zuueva". She must be pretty young. She has pictures taken of her all over the world.

I will leave it to you interested readers to conduct searches for the lovely Zueva, if you are so inclined. The subject of this post was a very recent Instagram picture, shown below. The reason I'm posting it is to compare it to three wate color paintings authored by the late Steve Hanks. I have mentioned Hanks before, I know, and posted some of his stunning nude studies. (Surprising, only once: Sensuality and Artistry, Part 2). If you like that kind of thing, search for his works, too. Hanks was a wizard with watercolor, and he also got the most luscious models on the planet to pose for him. His death was a definite loss of an outstanding talent (and he didn't just paint nudes, he painted seascapes, babies, kids... so sad that he's gone).

So here's the picture of Ekaterina.

This particular pose was a favorite of Hanks, and shown below are six (!) examples that are quite similar to Ekaterina's picture. So, as the saying goes, one man's art is another man's ... fascination.

Definitely a lovely theme.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lighthouse of the Week, May 21-27, 2017: Point Amour, Newfoundland, Canada

You know, happily, when you search "oakden wolf" and "lighthouse", the return is a lot of lighthouses -- takes a long time to reach the first babe. So, to continue the contributions in the lighthouse genre, I thought I'd go back to Newfoundland for another one, because one thing that Newfoundland has is a lot of lighthouses.

This one is romantically monikered on Point Amour ("Point Love" for us English speakers).  Here's a locator map.

Lighthouse Friends says:

  • "Point Amour literally means Love Point, but its original name was likely Pointe-aux-Morts, or “dead man’s point,” due to the numerous shipwrecks in the area. The establishment of a powerful light and foghorn on Point Amour reduced the frequency of shipwrecks, but some still occurred. On August 8, 1902, the 12,000-ton, 605-foot-long HMS Raleigh ran aground just west of the station. While visiting Newfoundland ports, the commander of the British warship decided to make a stop in Forteau Bay so the officers could try their luck in the Forteau River, which was known for its salmon and trout fishing. While approaching the bay in a heavy fog, the Raleigh had to sharply alter its course to avoid an iceberg and snagged its hull on a reef. A motorboat was launched to take a lifeline to shore, but it capsized in the surf, resulting in the drowning of ten sailors. One sailor did manage to get the lifeline to shore, and with the help of men at Point Amour, it was secured allowing the nearly 700 men aboard the Raleigh to come ashore."


It's 155 feet above the water, and the white tower with a red cap and one black stripe is 109 feet high, supposedly the tallest lighthouse on the Atlantic coastline of Canada.


Unique way to date (but not really a unique way to mate)

If The Bachelor (or The Bachelorette) ratings start to slip drastically, they could always try going this route. Superfast Dutch swimmer Inge de Bruijn, now retired, is looking for love -- naked. There's this TV show where Inge, in the flesh, meets guys also suitably unencumbered by clothing and as the show goes, is going to determine if they're suitable or not. Birthday-suitable -- well, they've already accomplished that.

Regarding de Bruijn, when she was swimming competitively, she was quite fetching, but also incredibly muscular. The guys in the buff can't be intimidated by that, even if she's softened a bit since.

The article says that she was the oldest person to win an Olympic swimming gold medal, at 31, in 2004. That can't be right -- Anthony Ervin had to be older than that in 2016. Maybe the oldest woman? I'll have to check on that.

I did check - Ervin is the only older gold medalist in swimming than de Bruijn, so she is the oldest female swimming gold winner.

Friday, May 19, 2017

NCAA D1 Lacrosse Championships, otherwise known as...

The NCAA Division I Lacrosse Championships are underway, with quarterfinals taking place tomorrow (Saturday, May 20) and Sunday, May 21.

Here's the bracket.

Now, you will note in the title I said that the championships are "otherwise known as".   Which means, "otherwise known as" ... who does Maryland lose to this time?

Here's the history.

You will note that in 1975, Maryland won the NCAA Division I Lacrosse Championship.  You will also note that ever since then, they haven't.

And further, note how many championship game runner-up finishes they have had since then (meaning that Maryland lost in the title game).  10 times.  Twice in overtime, including last year to North Carolina.

It should be pointed out that schools from Maryland (Johns Hopkins, notably, and also Loyola of Maryland, in a defeat of -- you guessed it -- Maryland) have won the NCAA lacrosse championship.  And Salisbury over on the Eastern Shore has won the Division III championship numerous times, as recently as last year.  So all is not lost in the "home state" of the game.  All that is lost is -- the chances of Maryland winning it.  Why should this year be any different?

Well, if it is, I'll be stunned.

Well, on to the next supermodel

Quite recent news:  Leonardo DiCaprio has just had an amicable split with the glorious, luminous, svelte yet curvaceous, stunningly hot Nina Agdal.  They're both "moving on".

Word on the breakup is that he's just not ready to settle down yet.  Let's put it this way -- if you can't find domestic happiness and tranquility with Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, and Nina Agdal (and Blake Lively and Erin Heatherton and Toni Garrn), it's not going to be easy, if you want to live your life with a 9+ on the 1 to 10 scale.  But perhaps he might borrow a page or two from George Clooney's playbook and move on to a top level talent with both looks and brains.

Meanwhile, though, he'll probably 'date' a few more supermodels.

Leonardo DiCaprio, 42, and Danish model Nina Agdal, 25, break up after a year of dating

Why Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal Split: 'He's Not Ready to Settle Down'

Obviously a post of this nature requires a picture of Nina, just to establish what Leo is moving on from.