Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Babe Week 2019 Day 3: Jocelyn Binder

Today's Babe Week post features Jocelyn Binder, who I have featured by herself once here:

"What makes a picture sexy?" 

and with a couple of other pictures here and there.  She is lithe, slender, graceful, elegant, and apparently a model that doesn't have a problem finding jobs.  She has a unique look with cat-like eyes.  She was in Playboy while in college, and was recently featured in Playboy Australia, and she's been in other international versions, even on the cover, as shown by the Playboy South Africa cover below. 

She also occasionally replies when I comment on an Instagram picture; that's nice of her to do.

What I just found out about Jocelyn is that she's also a cancer survivor.  Not just any cancer, but she survived breast cancer, with a double mastectomy.  She has implants/prosthetics, and whoever her doctor was, he was good at what he does, because they appear natural and pretty, and her modeling career is doing great.

Unfortunately, I can't show what they look like in their full nude glory here, but it isn't hard to find if you know how to look.  Before that, though, you can enjoy these selected pictures.       

Her derriere is just about perfect, too.

Lighthouse of the Week, April 21-27, 2019: Point Bolivar, Texas, USA

I discovered that I only featured one lighthouse from Texas before on my blog;  it wouldn't take long to feature all of them, because they are only five left.  This one is the Point Bolivar lighthouse, located by Port Bolivar, and it hasn't been active since 1933.  The Fresnel lens that used to be in the lantern room is now in the Smithsonian.  Port Bolivar is on the northern side of the pass that allows entrance into Galveston Bay.

It's also big and tall, at 116 feet.  Here's the excerpted info from the Lighthouse Directory:
"1873. Inactive since 1933. 117 ft (36 m) cast iron tower (brick lined). The 3rd order Fresnel lens used from 1907 to 1933 is on display at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History in Washington DC. Two 1-story keeper's quarters are used as private residences; one was being restored to its historical appearance in 2003."
OK, 117 feet.

Three pictures below, and a StreetView drive right up to the base of the lighthouse.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Sony Photography Award contest winners

The Daily Mail comes through with the winning shots from the Sony Photography Award contest.

Over 300,000 entries have been whittled down to these stunning winning images for the 2019 Sony Photography Awards

Here is a direct link to this year's winners and runners-up:

2019 Winners and Shortlist Galleries

An intriguing one is below.

Babe Week continues with five pictures of Valenti Vitel

Valenti Vitel is a globe-traveling model that I've mentioned here once before. Via Instagram accounts in which sometimes they include pictures of themselves together, it is clear that she also has a sister with very similar figure characteristics, to whit, they both are amazingly slender, with very narrow waists, abs tighter than a timpani, long legs, derrieres that define the word "pert", and well-proportioned and well-carried bosoms.  Now, I'm not certain that the bosoms are entirely natural, but they definitely attract attention, and they sure look nice.

So, here are five pictures of V2

looking fantastic.

Sweet dreams are made of these

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Ali Rose kicks off Babe Week

The scrumptious and lush glamour model Ali Rose kicks off Babe Week 2019. 

True blue

The few yet perspicacious readers of this blog may remember that I am somewhat fascinated by large and unusual diamonds. 

Because of that, they will not be surprised that I immediately paid attention when I saw the announcement of a new and spectacular blue diamond, about 20 carats, named the Okavango Blue.

Simply put, it's spectacular, and obviously rare.  In an interview (shown below), there was no attempt to speculate on how much it might sell for.  The expectation is a LOT, and I think that's reasonable.

Articles about the find:

Rare 20-carat blue diamond unveiled in Africa

Biggest blue diamond ever in Botswana  (meaning it's the biggest ever found in Botswana, not the biggest blue diamond ever).


Well and truly safe

The Crystal Palace FC has survived again, officially now, to stay in the Premier League for another year.  They did this with a 3-2 upset over Arsenal.   Meanwhile, Cardiff City, the only remaining time in the PL relegation zone that could escape, lost (but put up a good effort) against Liverpool.

Palace storm the Emirates

They received goals by Benteke, Zaha, and McArthur for the win.

In other news, apparently Crystal Palace is finally willing to let Zaha go to a club willing to pay a deservedly high asking price, and then (hopefully) they can use that money to add a couple of younger lesser talents that will nonetheless maintain the presence of the team in England's top-tier league.