Thursday, August 16, 2018

Thought I remembered her

As is my wont, I was perusing the articles in the Daily Mail when I spotted this one about British soap opera actress Kara Tointon:

Kara Tointon cups her prominent belly as she joins boyfriend Marius Jensen at The Festival premiere... months after sparking engagement rumours

When I saw her name, I thought I remembered writing something about her in my blog.  And I was correct about that -- I did, way back in 2009.

Cute Soap Opera Actress Appreciation Day #2  (that never really did catch on)

In this most recent article, she looks suspiciously like she's been pregnant for a few months, and fortunately for that supposition, she has a boyfriend who could have supplied the male contribution to the formation of the zygote.

I'm such a romantic.

Oh, final thought: In that 2009 article, I linked to an FHM article about her, but that link doesn't work now.  So I found what was in it elsewhere.

Kara Tointon Sizzles in Burlesque

Since it hasn't been officially announced, we'll just have to wait and see if an announcement is forthcoming. 

One thing's for sure

One thing is certain for Crystal Palace in this year's Premier League season.

They'll win more games and score more goals in their first seven games than they did last year.

(That's because at the beginning of last year's season, a season in which they finished a remarkable 11th place, they started 0-7-0 and didn't score a goal.)

In the opening game of this season, they defeated Fulham by a score of 2-0.  So they've won a game and scored two goals already.

It's a step, at least.

Fulham 0-2 Crystal Palace: Wilfried Zaha and Jeffrey Schlupp give hosts reality check on Premier League return as Eagles soar in opening day London derby

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Lighthouse of the Week, August 12-18, 2018: Phare de Gatteville, France

On the Cotentin Peninsula, where Cherbourg is located, on the coast west of the Normandy beaches where the Allies landed on D-Day, is the Phare de Gatteville, a big and tall lighthouse.  The nearest village is Barfleur. (Barfleur is cute.)

It has it's own Web page;  if you mainly speak and read English, click right here.

If you read and understand French:

What are the important characteristics?

From this Web site, the significant information:   "Built between 1829 and 1834, the Gatteville lighthouse is the second highest in France, with a height of 75 metres. Climb the 365 steps and admire the magnificent panorama of the Saire as well as the English Channel."

75 meters is around 230 feet or a little higher, so yes, it's tall.

There are videos, if you are interested feel free to search for them.  Below are some selected pictures.

On Highway 41: Dunnellon

North of Inverness, Florida, is Dunnellon, Florida.  And there is a very interesting location really, really close to Highway 41 in Dunnellon.

First, going into Dunnellon, we cross the Withlacoochee River.

Just up the river from this crossing, the Withlacoochee joins the Rainbow River.  Don't forget that.

Because just 3.7 miles up the road (I checked), turn off Highway 41 onto Southwest 81st Place Road, and ride over to the Rainbow Swimming Hole.  This is where the Rainbow River starts, and is a great place to start a tubing trip down the clear waters of the Rainbow River.  Which is something that a lot of people in Florida do.   (Picture example here.)

And here's a StreetView panorama of the swimming hole.  This is one of the most accessible of Florida's famous springs.  There are more north of here.

After cooling off in the swimming hole, the next stop is Williston -- and another spring.  I'll get there quickly.

Hot engineer

Lindsey Morgan plays youthful engineering whiz Raven Reyes on the CW Network's post-apocalyptic show The 100.  Below is how she appears in the role of Raven.

In this role, Lindsey's youthful sexiness, as well as her great smile, are not exploited to their fullest extent, which is probably in keeping with the tone and theme of the show, but which is definitely not taking advantage of all of Lindsey's attributes.

Which is probably good for Lindsey's career, because it proves that she's more than just a great body and fabulous smile.

Did I mention she has a curvaceous figure and stunning smile?

Yes, I guess I must have.

Seriously sexy

See?  Great smile!

Smile + sexy together 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

OK, I have never heard of Bermuda fireworms

I admit never having heard of Bermuda fireworms.

But apparently they spawn like clockwork.  So they glow and they spawn with meticulous timing.

And they live in Bermuda.  What's not to like?

Study Sheds Light on Mysterious Glowing Fireworms Seen by Christopher Columbus

“The female worms come up from the bottom and swim quickly in tight little circles as they glow, which looks like a field of little cerulean stars across the surface of jet black water,” says Mark Siddall, a curator in the Museum’s Division of Invertebrate Zoology and author on the study. “Then the males, homing in on the light of the females, come streaking up from the bottom like comets—they luminesce, too. There’s a little explosion of light as both dump their gametes in the water. It is by far the most beautiful biological display I have ever witnessed.”

And I know that now you're asking yourself, as I did when I read that paragraph...

Is there a video?  (As God is my witness, when I just typed that question, I do not know if there's a video. But I am now going to look for one.)

Well, there would have to be, right?

Yes, they are out there

We know that there are numerous pieces of rock in space;  ranging from dust motes to sand grains to pebbles to rocks to boulders to asteroids from the size of a bus to the size of a city.  And it's a concern that some of the bigger ones might hit Earth and cause a problem, and potentially a catastrophe.

We have reminders;  fireballs in the atmosphere, impacts on the ground, shock waves in the sky, and the occasional mystery explosion over a U.S. air base.

And meteors also hit the Moon, and those quick flashes of incineration can be seen from Earth.

(Now, I'm a bit confused about the jargon here.  They are meteors before they hit something, and meteorites after they've hit, but isn't it a meteor hitting the Moon and becoming a meteorite when it does that?)

Watch two meteorites hit the Moon

As I write this, the peak of the Perseid meteor shower is two nights away.  Astronomers and amateurs will be watching -- and we'll all be reminded that the dust and sand and pebbles and rocks and boulders in space are out there.