Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lighthouse of the Week, December 14-20, 2014: Malmö, Sweden

This week's lighthouse actually doesn't work as a lighthouse anymore.  It's just for show in Malmö, Sweden.  But it's good-looking, and it's also octagonal, which makes it a bit unusual.

Here's what Lighthouses of Sweden (Scania) says about it:

1878. Inactive since 1983 (a decorative light is displayed). 20 m (66 ft) octagonal cast iron tower with lantern and gallery, mounted on an octagonal stone base. Tower painted white with two narrow red horizontal bands; the lantern dome is also red.
Three shots from various angles.

First of three new baby(ies) articles

This is the first of three articles about famous women/couples having new babies.  In the case of Zoe Saldana, definitely plural, as she just had twins.

'They are so excited!' Zoe Saldana 'welcomes twins' with husband Marco Perego

And there is NO truth to the rumor that the new tykes have blue stripes and tails.  Not true at all.


What she said, as in "I have no idea what she said"

The following article, entitled

Fangaði rétta augnablikið í sjöttu tilraun (which means "Capturing the right moment on the sixth attempt", approximately, in Icelandic) 

has an AWESOME video of the ongoing spectacle of the Holuhraun volcanic fissure eruption in Iceland.   Watch it, perhaps more than once.  It's worth watching.

Also watchable is the young, blonde, hot Icelandic newscaster that introduces the video.  Not being versed in Icelandic, I have not a whit of an idea what she says.

And I don't care.  (Actually, I do care, I wish I knew what she was saying.  But I can watch her speaking words that I do not remotely understand quite happily.)

If you're more interested in magnificent Icelandic women than Icelandic magma, here's 15 of them





And they ought to

Environmentalists concerned about climate change should back nuclear power.  It's real simple;  we're going to need energy, and we're going to need greenhouse gas emissions-free energy.  Over the next couple of decades, nuclear is the only expandable technology that supplies sufficient base power to satisfy our needs.

So it makes sense that climate change is forcing some environmentalists to back nuclear power.

"The risks associated with the expanded use of nuclear energy are orders of magnitude smaller than the risks associated with fossil fuels," the letter added.
 Furthermore, as written in the esteemed New York Times:

Betting on the Need, Scientists Work on Lighter, Cleaner Nuclear Energy
"But if the world decides in the 2030s and 2040s that it is time to deploy a new fleet of reactors, those will be based on work done in the few labs like this over the next decade, experts predict.

“In a carbon-constrained world, with that time frame, you better have some advanced reactors ready to go,” Dr. Peters said."
 That's right.

Finally, Dana Milbank, writing in the Washington Post in "The New Climate Denialism:  Carbon Dioxide is Good for You", has this pithy, frameable quote:

"And the solution to climate change is not to ban energy but to make it cleaner."   [Cleaner including lower CO2 emissions]


Monday, December 15, 2014

Great pictures of the Fogo eruption

The eruption of Pico de Fogo in the Cape Verde islands, while not killing anybody, is still managing to cover over a lot of houses in the caldera with some fresh cooling lava.

The pictures from PhotoVolcanica are pretty amazing - it's definitely a fly-in, drive-in volcano.

Fogo Volcano

Two examples, to whet your volcanically-attuned senses:

It's a lock, unless December plunges

With the November 2014 global temperature now recorded, it appears that even though November was a wee bit cooler than a record, as had been set for the past several months, that we are very close to being set for a new record warm calendar year, globally. 

This is big news - so much so that the skeptical crowd is retreating to its bastions of false certitude, which is where they feel comfortably ensconced to argue against reality.  They will argue that the surface temperature record is not as reliable as the satellite temperature record and therefore the satellite temp record (which is not setting records) should be consulted over the surface record. Unfortunately the oft-cited satellite temp record is not measuring the same thing as the surface record.  So they will argue that the surface record is "biased" or "contaminated" or "poorly situated" or some such, all the while ignoring or forgetting about the numerous phenological indicators that the world is getting warmer.  They will blame it on El Nino, forgetting or overlooking that the small El Nino now is pushing world ocean temps higher than the monster El Nino of '97-'98. 

Well, we shall ignore the ignoranti, and just look at what NOAA and Climate Central are saying:

Global Summary Information - November 2014

2014 on pace for hottest year

So, a "normal" warm December will definitely lock us in to a record warm year.  Which is good news for the argument but bad news for the planet.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

I think I'd like this

Either pre- or post-coitally (but probably more so pre- ), I think that this bed with a view directly into the shower would be rather arousing, particularly if there was definitely some enjoyable activity planned after the shower.

(It does have a roll-down shade for privacy, maybe for the more private functions.)