Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lighthouse of the Week, July 27 - August 2, 2014: Foz do Douro, Portugal

The country of Portugal, which has a very long coastline in relation to the size of the country, likewise has a lot of lighthouses in relation to the size of the country.  So choosing which one to be the Lighthouse of the Week was difficult due to the size of the candidate pool.

But it didn't take long to select the Foz do Douro lighthouse, which stands adjacent to the mouth of the Rio Douro, just west of the city of Porto (and probably "officially" part of the city) in northern Portugal.

The only problem I had was finding a picture of this lighthouse when it wasn't getting smashed with a massive wave.   I did (first picture), but this lighthouse is famed for, and photographed frequently with, the high surf conditions that hit it with regularity.

You'll see what I mean in the pictures below.

Seems like the time is now

According to this Climate Progress article, the Feds (our government) are considering a ban on bluefin tuna fishing.

Feds Consider Ban On Bluefin Tuna Fishing As Population Dips 95 Percent

If one wonders why, one need only read this:

"After years of large-scale fishing and rising demand in the sushi industry it is estimated that as few as 40,000 adult Pacific bluefin tuna remain in the wild, around four percent of the fish’s historic average."
That's 40,000 adult bluefin tuna.

In the entire Pacific Ocean. 

Does one need another reason this is a good idea?  Well, how about this:

"As the NOAA considers banning Pacific Bluefin fishing, last week the global authority on tuna fish, the Inter American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC), decided to delay discussions on fishing quotas until October after Japan, Korea, Mexico, and the U.S. could not agree on conservation measures. The WWF and the EU both expressed disappointment with the decision."
 I think that's enough reasons.  Time to ban bluefin tuna fishing and let them recover.

A perfect beach scene

Renee Somerfeld in a bikini, white sand, surf, and blue water.

Simplicity and form = perfection.

I'm in a sonneting mood

Had a chance to write a sonnet, and this one happened pretty easily.

skyrockets in flight

A single rocket rising in the black,
nearly unseen against the ebon sky --
arising, waiting, silent to the crack
of its ignition when its flight shall die
in brilliant conflagration, moments when
its splendor fills our eyes with spectral flame,
their light fulfilling what the careful men
who made it did intend. Is it the same
when I have reached my pinnacle, as my
intention nears fruition, my brief
ascension to transcendence signify-
ing why my love was launched?  If disbelief
is one emotion, then I feel it now --
amazed at what her passion will allow.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I can't believe I just found this out

I've only been peripherally aware of fashion model and actress Lydia Hearst, and I only just in the last two days found out that she is the daughter of heiress, kidnap victim, brainwashed terrorist, convicted felon, released felon, totally pardoned felon, wife, mother, and now living at home (I guess) Patricia Hearst.

But lets get back to Lydia.

Girls of Maxim:  Lydia Hearst profile

I should have been paying attention.  She's got a very unique face (does resemble her mother, and also does resemble a young Jodie Foster at times).  She can have a lot of different looks.  She's slender and striking.

Further investigation ALSO indicates that she has posed topless many times, usually in the "high fashion" way, and perusal of several examples indicates that what she's got up top is quite nice to appraise visually.

I really should have been paying attention.

Here she is on the red carpet - not topless, just gorgeous.

Just another sonnet

Just whipped off this sonnet the other day.


endeared and speared

I'm sure she will forget me soon, for she
is quite accustomed to the touch and talk
that happens in the dimness when we see
and feel and find what normally we stalk

but never catch! Within the depth of my
captivity I still am free to hold --
for all the minutes given me -- her si-
lent treasures, and adore them, as she's sold

me on their own desirability.
And in our shared transaction, first I told
and then I showed my sensibility,
a sworn expression of the truth, the gold-

en standard of complacency, and she
then realized that all I was was me.

NHL concerned about winter ice

I've dropped this PDF on a few climate skeptics who think that the world and the Northern Hemisphere in particular isn't warming up.  Well, if it isn't warming up, it is hard to explain why winters are getting shorter, as indicated by lakes in Canada thawing earlier in the calendar year.

Changes in lake ice signal a changing climate

That's bad because not every aspiring hockey player in Canada practices at a climate-controlled indoor rink.  Even in this era of modern technology, a lot of Canadian boys still practice their sport on a frozen pond or frozen backyard.

So the NHL has committed to a course of action to address climate change.  Maybe it's symbolic, but I think they mean it.  And them meaning it might possibly convince a lot of otherwise-minded Canadians that it is happening and that it is important.  And maybe a few of those Canadians will write to their idiot Prime Minister and his political cronies that maybe they should take their national sport seriously and stop burning all the tar sands in Alberta.

So good job, NHL.  Now, how can we do a deal to get the Capitals a shot at the Stanley Cup?

On thin ice

Here's what they say:

"The NHL says “freeze thaw cycles” are growing unreliable, and that with warmer winters, there are fewer “naturally occurring frozen ponds.” 
Mitchell [NHL director of sustainability] said these changes could severely impact hockey’s growth. 
The NHL began working with the NRDC on climate issues in 2010, when it launched NHL Green, which began with a panel meeting of leading academics, business leaders and other climate experts to discus how the league could respond to climate change at the 2010 Winter Classic. 
The Winter Classic is an outdoor hockey game that takes place every New Year’s Day. It’s one of the biggest moments for the NHL on the calendar, as the event generally gets widespread media attention and showcases hockey being played at its highest level against a background (at least sometimes) of falling snow."