Thursday, May 26, 2016

I agree with George Will??

Well, yes I do.  I found an editorial by Will in the Washigton Post that seemed pretty obviously correct.  So, here it is:

If Trump is nominated, the GOP must keep him out of the White House  (excerpted with comments at Media Matters)

This has been quote elsewhere, but it's worth repeating here:

"If Trump is nominated, Republicans working to purge him and his manner from public life will reap the considerable satisfaction of preserving the identity of their 162-year-old party while working to see that they forgo only four years of the enjoyment of executive power."
The thing is, "standard" (i.e., normal) Republicans know that voting for Trump is a bad idea.  But the many supporters of Trump aren't standard Republicans anymore.

And they sure aren't normal.

A lot of Petra at Cannes

One of my totally favorite supermodels (I have a few, but she's always been one of the best), Petra Nemcova, was making appearances at the Cannes Film Festival, and even doing a retro glam fashion shoot.

And she did something else that made her quite appealing.  She wore a black sheer number to an appearance, and she didn't wear a bra (it was difficult to see how she could have worn a bra, actually).  The appealing thing about this particular black number, as has happened for other female celebrities wearing similar outfits, is that when the bright lights shine and the flashes go off, the black blouse suddenly becomes semi-transparent, and voila! she is indeed fully female!

See what I mean in the first linked article below, and then peruse the others at your leisure.

(This made me ponder whether or not Petra had actually posed nude in her career, and it turns out that she apparently did, once, at a very young stage in her career.  Also, she made a couple of runway walks with bare breasts, once with an open jacket, and the other time with some strange writing on her upper body.  All  of which can be ascertained with an image search using her name and the word nude.  Watch out for the fakes, there's a lot, and mixed in will be many other pictures of her wearing lingerie, swimwear, etc. -- and those are always enjoyable to see.)

Braless Petra Nemcova exposes a little too much cleavage when camera flashes turn her sexy plunging jumpsuit completely sheer at prestigious Chopard Cannes bash

Petra Nemcova shows off her supermodel figure in sheer lace gown as she puts on an animated display at L'Oreal bash in Cannes

Petra Nemcova oozes sex appeal in retro polka dot bikini as she poses up a storm for sultry swimwear shoot in Cannes

One pic from this last one:

A different take on the cheese surplus

America can't eat its way out of this massive cheese problem

Slightly humorous take on the Great Cheese Glut of 2016, and explains why it is happening. Interesting factoids are contained within. The U.S. average per capita consumption of cheese is 36 pounds (to take care of the glut every single one of us would have to eat 3 more pounds). The highest per capita consumption of cheese is in France, at 57 pounds, but they commonly serve a fruit and cheese plate after dinner.

Of course, that made me wonder where other countries rank, so I found a table:

Global cheese consumption (Kg per capita) --- from the Canadian Dairy Information Centre

Finland, Germany, and Denmark (love that Danish Blue!) follow France in the EU, but Iceland is actually second amongst all the European countries.

Classic Danish Blue, since we're on the subject of cheese:

Democrats will be unified - probably

The Washington Post predicts that once the primary shenanigans are completed, the party will unify behind nominee Hillary Clinton (her email controversies notwithstanding).

I certainly hope so.  The rationale is that LOTz of Democrats hate Trump.  That's strong language.  I'm not going to vote for him, as it stands, but my vote could be bought -- for $100K.  Even $75K.  See, I'm not THAT strongly opposed to a Trump presidency.

I mean, it's seemingly very unlikely that Trump could win (according to another article, if Trump wins all the states that Mitt Romney won, and also adds Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida), but its still possible.

But we can hope that the Democrats won't let up on Trump.  And the quote from the article shows that they already blasting away at him.

Yes, Democrats will unify behind Clinton - this political scientist persuasively explains why

""Beyond all this, Elizabeth Warren’s big speech this week attacking Trump as a cruel, selfish capitalist cutthroat and con artist, and framing the election as a stark choice between Trump’s fraudulent pro-rich economic agenda and concrete Democratic policies designed to improve people’s economic prospects, hints at a powerful unifying populist argument against Trump that Sanders (despite his hopes for more transformative change than Clinton will push for) would be well suited to make."

We Dems will unify, but I wish Sanders would just give it up already. And tell his supporters to vote for Hillary, because the alternative is unthinkable.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What climate change can do

I've said to many climate deniers over the years I've been arguing about this issue that one of the main conservation concerns of climate change is the rate that temperatures are changing.

This article is a great example of why.  It's about spiny crayfish in Australia that have symbiotic worms (temnocephalans) living on them.  Great video, which is a little freaky.

Here's the problem (quoted from the article):

"Today, spiny mountain crayfish - a genus called Euastacus - live in dwindling patches of eastern Australia. In the warmer, northern part of their range they are restricted to lofty forest streams."

"Currently, three-quarters of the 37 Euastacus crayfish species are known to be endangered. The scientists found that if all those crayfish species were to die out, some 19 of the 33 temnocephalans would also disappear - starting with those in the north."

"They warn that such a sweeping coextinction is a genuine threat, particularly as modern-day climate change steepens the warming of Australia that has shaped and shrivelled the creatures' shared habitat over the millennia."

So there it is, adapt or die.  And the rapid pace of climate change makes more things die because they can't adapt.

Sutter Buttes from Google Street View

Sutter Buttes in California is known as the world's smallest mountain range.  NASA had a picture of them from space with a short explanation and a link to a longer explanation.

I wondered, naturally, if they were visible on Google Street View (expecting that they would be).  I got a bonus - there's a Street View driving through them.

First, the distant view:

Then the drive-thru:

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Time for the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four

As usually happens around every Memorial Day, in addition to the Indianapolis 500 (about which I have heard nary a word), the NCAA reaches the Final Four for lacrosse.  Being a Marylander and living nearby Washington D.C., I've become accustomed to championship losses.  The wins are few and very far between.

Especially for Maryland and lacrosse. Despite regularly being very good, and frequently ranked in the top 5, Maryland has repetitively come up short in the championships.

So let's see what is up for these semifinals.  Maryland will play Brown in the first semifinal, and North Carolina will play Loyola of Maryland in the second.  Loyola of Maryland features a super freshman named Pat Spencer who could truly be the X-Factor.

Given that both Maryland and Loyola of Maryland are in the Final Four, odds are decent that a school from Maryland will win it.  But what about U. Maryland itself?

Before I go any further, let me note that the U. Maryland women are strong favorites to win the championship.  Doesn't mean they will, of course, but they're ranked and seeded No. 1.  And they've won it before, most recently in both of the last two years.

And the Maryland men are ranked and seeded No. 1 as well.  Which likely means another weekend of heartbreak for them.  Let's review the recent history:

The Terps last won it in 1975.  Since then, they've lost in the final -- get this -- in 1976, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2011, 2012, and 2015.   In 2012 they lost to Loyola of Maryland.  In 2011 they lost 9-7 to Virginia. And other than the years in which they lost in the finals, since 1975 they've lost in the semifinals 10 other times.

All of which says:  I wouldn't bet on them to save my house.  But I sure would like to see them kick all that bad luck in the teeth and win the damn thing.