Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Reality check on hurricane strikes

From the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang:

Why the major hurricane drought is the most overblown statistic in meteorology

An excerpt:
"Climate-change doubters point to the lack of major-hurricane landfalls as evidence that global warming is not affecting the storms. But, in reality, nine of the last 11 Atlantic hurricane seasons have produced more storms than normal. It’s just that those with the strongest winds have remained over the ocean — something researchers have ascribed to dumb luck."
And I wish to point out -- dumb luck has sent those same storms over Bermuda, the Bahamas, Haiti, and the Yucatan Peninsula (just some of the locations that have been hit hard), causing tremendous damage and loss of life.

We've been lucky. And it won't last forever.

Have to agree here

Yes, I am in strong agreement with this editorial.

Want to save the Republican Party? Drain the right-wing media swamp


"If Republicans truly want to save the Republican Party, they need to go to war with right-wing media. That is, they need to dismantle the media machine persuading their base to believe completely bonkers, bigoted garbage.
Half [of Republicans] believe global warming is possibly or definitely a myth concocted by scientists."

That's totally true, and it has been for years. Ever since Rush Limbaugh said that one volcano puts as much CO2 into the atmosphere as lots of power plants (which is orders of magnitude incorrect), it has been repeated incorrectly by thousands of conservatives about climate change. It's just one of myriad possible examples of how they have made their listeners and followers a horde of "unthinkers" -- a group that is incapable of thinking for itself, preferring instead to follow the tribal warpath on these matters. They get their biased news from biased sources, and it influences the way they view the world and the decisions they make.

And as the standard saying goes, GIGO -- Garbage In, Garbage Out. So if the input information on which personal beliefs are formulated is garbage, then the decisions based on that information are likely to be garbage, too -- and that's how so many of the nutty Republican Congresspeople have gotten elected.

It truly has reached the level of close-to-crisis: and it would be a crisis if Trump were elected. As I write this, that appears highly unlikely, but we have definitely been staring over the side of the abyss these past few months contemplating the possibility.

Monday, October 24, 2016

I've been trying to get around to this

The Daily Mail had an article about former Miss Universe Australia Natalie Roser being photographed on the beach.

 She's flawless! Natalie Roser flaunts her VERY pert derrière and busty cleavage in a skimpy pink bikini for a beach photo shoot in Sydney

She's got a great figure, and thus the shoot appears quite worthwhile.

Here's another example from a different shoot:

Does Trump have a chance to win? Likely... not

Here's an article I'll just pass along about the chances that Donald Trump still has a chance to win the election.

His chances are pretty slim, basically.

A Donald Trump Win Would Signal The Biggest Poll Failure Ever

"On the national level, polls have been very consistent in indicating that Clinton is the frontrunner in the presidential race. Only 2 of the 40 national Trump versus Clinton polls over the past month in the HuffPost Pollster database have shown Trump leading ― and we’d expect about that many to be wrong overall simply because of errors in the sampling and survey processes.

There is more variance in poll results some of the states. Clinton and Trump are duking it out for the polling lead in Ohio, for example. But according to the HuffPost presidential forecast model, Clinton’s advantage in the states she needs to win the Electoral College is consistent and strong ― she doesn’t need any tossup states in order to win."

All of that is good.

If wishes were unicorns

Now that it appears mightily that HRC is set to be POTUS, because her nasty opponent has been successfully self- torpedoing his own campaign (and I still think that might be intentional), the consideration is now whether or not the Dems can retake the Senate.

This Huffington Post article thinks there's a chance.

Republicans could lose the Senate majority

Obviously, it's going to be close. But I fondly, fondly wish that it happens. And then, sadly for Merrick Garland, I hope Obama withdraws his name and lets HRC nominate a very liberal judge. Because that would make the sourpuss on Leader Mitch McConnell, the absolute horrific excuse for a Senator that refused to consider Garland, even more sour. Which would be absolutely GREAT!

In fact, Jeff Flake has seen the train coming, and wants to confirm Garland before Obama has a chance to pull the good judge from consideration.

Report: Flake is ready to move forward with Garland's nomination

My guess is that one of these Senate races will be so close there will have to be a recount, so we won't know for certain until weeks after November 8.

Lighthouse of the Week, October 23-30, 2016: Seoam South Breakwater Light, South Korea

OK, simply put -- this one looks like a baby bottle.

And apparently, it's supposed to, because this excerpt from The Lighthouse Directory says: "2010. Active; focal plane 4 m (13 ft); red flash every 6 s. 4 m (13 ft) round concrete tower, shaped like a baby's bottle."

No kidding!

(Note the thematic garbage can.)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A new October sonnet

Here's a recent sonnet for your consideration.

past times

For ev'ry day there is a span of twen-
ty-four in hours; and ev'ry year does hold
three-hundred sixty-five of days -- so when
there is a special time, perhaps enrolled
in less than e'en a single hour, our thought
converts those moments into memory,
to be enshrined where treasured scenes are caught
and well-preserved within our minds. We see
with lover's eyes and hear with lover's ears
and touch with loving hands, caressing and
possessing all we share when sighs and tears
give testament to rapture. We expand
the place where these are kept, and I review,
to feel again these wondrous times with you.