Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lighthouse of the Week, October 4-10, 2015: Porer, Croatia

There's a little triangular peninsula in the northern Adriatic Sea, directly south of Trieste, Italy, called the Istria Peninsula.  It's part of Croatia (and also a little Italy and a little Slovenia, too).  The tip of the Istria Peninsula is south of Pula, the end of a little finger-like projection, and is called Kap Kamenjak.

A couple km southwest off the end of this little peninsula at the end of the Istrian Peninsula is Porer lighthouse, which is an island with a lighthouse.  And that's it.   It's quite striking and quite unique.

Here's some info from the Lighthouse Directory:

"1833. Active; focal plane 35 m (115 ft); three white flashes every 15 s. 31 m (102 ft) round cylindrical masonry tower, centered on a 1-story keeper's house. The lighthouse is unpainted cream-colored stone; the lantern is white with a gray metallic roof. ... This lighthouse marks the southern tip of the Istrian Peninsula. Although it is located on a tiny scrap of land, it has two apartments available for vacation rental."
Well, I can guarantee that there isn't a lot of nightlife on this island except what you make yourself.

by M. Dilberovic

Pay attention - the lighthouse is behind her

Saturday, October 3, 2015

What do they do with orange peels?

I was making fresh-squeezed orange juice today (an occasional indulgence - yum) and I wondered what commercial juice making operations do with the orange peels.  After all, they produce a lot of them.

Not hard to find the answer to that one -- they are converted to cattle feed.

I couldn't find much of a description of that.   Just this from Tropicana (from this Web page):

"Tropicana's production process aims to utilize the full life-cycle of the orange. For example, Tropicana recycles peel and seeds to make 150,000 tons of beneficial cattle feed, avoiding more than 700,000 tons of raw peel becoming landfill waste annually."

They also have potential to be used as a feedstock for biofuel production. The citrus peel oil, of course, can be used in envirosafe cleaning products.

Here's a longer article:  Fruit's pulp, seeds, oil all involved in making a variety of products  (also discusses the peels)

It's got to mean something to the crab

This is not a condemnation.  This is just passing on some information.  In fact, stone crab claws fall under the heading of "sustainable seafood".  At least to an extent.

Let's review:  stone crabs can regrow their claws.  For that reason, they can be removed, and served up as a seafood dish.  I've had them, though not for a few years.  They're good.

And they're also a Best Choice from Seafood Watch.

Crab, Florida Stone (Seafood Watch)


It should be obvious that taking a claw off a crab (sometimes both of them) wouldn't be harmless.  So this study quantifies the harm.  It's actually more harmful to wound them in the process than to take the claw (if that can be done without otherwise causing an injury).

So someone studied what happens to stone crabs when they have a claw taken.

How important are claws to stone crabs?

One thing I didn't realize was that sometimes they take both claws.  And that puts the crabs at a considerably dietary disadvantage.

Now, this doesn't mean that I will pass on stone crab claws the next time I have a chance to have them.  Like I said, they're good.

But they're not a free lunch.  Nothing is.

Whatever happened to Bob Seagren?

With all this talk about the former Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn), I suddenly wondered what had happened to Bob Seagren, the gold medalist in the pole vault in 1968 (and held the world record for a awhile), and one of the first champions of the Superstars celebrity sports competition.  And he did some acting, too.   He was most notably one of the first gay characters on TV, in Soap.  Now he runs a company that runs sports events.

He also got married and divorced, but two kids along the way, with Playboy Playmate Peggy McIntaggart.  He married her when he was in his 50s.  Good for him.

Well, so now I know.  Glad he's still male.

Bob Seagren - Wikipedia

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Iza on the beach

Let's face it, being a Brazilian Victoria's Secret model means having an elite, top-flight, superb, on-the-edge-of-what-is-physiologically-possible body.

Meaning:  ample breasts, long slender legs, tiny waist, small but curvaceous buttocks, and an unforgettable face to go with it.

Even taking it easy, all of these attributes are in obvious and desirable evidence.

Izabel Goulart demonstrates what I mean on the beaches of Rio (where I hope they can clean up the water somehow in time for the Olympics).

This is what natural beauty looks like

Her day job

Ceres' spots not figured out yet

Even though there are even better images of them now, the composition of the bright white spots in Occator Crater on series has yet to be definitively determined.

This surprises me.  The white spots were the single greatest mystery that Ceres presented as the Dawn satellite probe approached.  They even started a contest in which people could guess what they were made of (I went with ice - mission scientists are now thinking salt of some kind).

And there were supposedly indications of an atmospheric trace in the crater, indicating that these patches might be subtly sublimating, also indicative of an icy nature.

But nothing has been stated yet.  It's starting to vex me.

Fresh views of Ceres but 'spots' remain mysterious  (with elevation and composition maps)

Meet Republikeezer Scrooge

It's time to start thinking about Christmas, and December 11.

Meet a new character that will have a home on this blog for a couple of months.

His name is Republikeezer Scrooge.  He's a distant cousin of Ebenezer, and has the same kind of philosophies, and he thinks that the Republican members of Congress (especially the Tea Party / Freedom Squaucus members) are doing a great job.

Unlike Ebenezer before his dreamquest, Republikeezer has always enjoyed celebrating Christmas.

As long as its on his terms.

And as long as the people celebrating it are people that he likes.

And no one else.