Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I can't believe I just found this out

I've only been peripherally aware of fashion model and actress Lydia Hearst, and I only just in the last two days found out that she is the daughter of heiress, kidnap victim, brainwashed terrorist, convicted felon, released felon, totally pardoned felon, wife, mother, and now living at home (I guess) Patricia Hearst.

But lets get back to Lydia.

Girls of Maxim:  Lydia Hearst profile

I should have been paying attention.  She's got a very unique face (does resemble her mother, and also does resemble a young Jodie Foster at times).  She can have a lot of different looks.  She's slender and striking.

Further investigation ALSO indicates that she has posed topless many times, usually in the "high fashion" way, and perusal of several examples indicates that what she's got up top is quite nice to appraise visually.

I really should have been paying attention.

Here she is on the red carpet - not topless, just gorgeous.

Just another sonnet

Just whipped off this sonnet the other day.


endeared and speared

I'm sure she will forget me soon, for she
is quite accustomed to the touch and talk
that happens in the dimness when we see
and feel and find what normally we stalk

but never catch! Within the depth of my
captivity I still am free to hold --
for all the minutes given me -- her si-
lent treasures, and adore them, as she's sold

me on their own desirability.
And in our shared transaction, first I told
and then I showed my sensibility,
a sworn expression of the truth, the gold-

en standard of complacency, and she
then realized that all I was was me.

NHL concerned about winter ice

I've dropped this PDF on a few climate skeptics who think that the world and the Northern Hemisphere in particular isn't warming up.  Well, if it isn't warming up, it is hard to explain why winters are getting shorter, as indicated by lakes in Canada thawing earlier in the calendar year.

Changes in lake ice signal a changing climate

That's bad because not every aspiring hockey player in Canada practices at a climate-controlled indoor rink.  Even in this era of modern technology, a lot of Canadian boys still practice their sport on a frozen pond or frozen backyard.

So the NHL has committed to a course of action to address climate change.  Maybe it's symbolic, but I think they mean it.  And them meaning it might possibly convince a lot of otherwise-minded Canadians that it is happening and that it is important.  And maybe a few of those Canadians will write to their idiot Prime Minister and his political cronies that maybe they should take their national sport seriously and stop burning all the tar sands in Alberta.

So good job, NHL.  Now, how can we do a deal to get the Capitals a shot at the Stanley Cup?

On thin ice

Here's what they say:

"The NHL says “freeze thaw cycles” are growing unreliable, and that with warmer winters, there are fewer “naturally occurring frozen ponds.” 
Mitchell [NHL director of sustainability] said these changes could severely impact hockey’s growth. 
The NHL began working with the NRDC on climate issues in 2010, when it launched NHL Green, which began with a panel meeting of leading academics, business leaders and other climate experts to discus how the league could respond to climate change at the 2010 Winter Classic. 
The Winter Classic is an outdoor hockey game that takes place every New Year’s Day. It’s one of the biggest moments for the NHL on the calendar, as the event generally gets widespread media attention and showcases hockey being played at its highest level against a background (at least sometimes) of falling snow."

Monday, July 21, 2014

More proof that life is not fair

You know that guy, Mario Götze, that scored the winning goal in the World Cup final against Argentina and thus became a sports icon to all of Germany?

Yeah, him.  As if that wasn't enough, this is his girlfriend:

No, I am not kidding.

And to further prove that life is not fair, here he is on vacation after scoring the World Cup winning goal, on a yacht in Ibiza with his awesome bikini-wearing model girlfriend:

Mario Götze relaxes on boat in Ibiza with lingerie model girlfriend Ann-Kathrin Brommel after Germany World Cup glory

It's enough to make a grown man ... well, realize that some of us are more lucky than most of us.

I was thinking this, too

There's a Game of Thrones theory out there about the true parentage of Jon Snow.   I had this inkling at the end of last season.  Now, it isn't exactly what I was thinking, but I was pretty sure (minor spoiler here) that Jon is not the bastard son of Ned Stark, as has been stated.

So here's the theory:  Game of Thrones Fan Theory

Not to give too much away, because this is all researchable on the Internet, but they appear to have a pretty good idea of who his mother is (and Ned had it on his mind to tell Jon about his mother too, but he never did, yet it was clearly important to him).  The thing that is less certain is who the father is.  Because of how the character looks on the show, I was leaning toward the "B" camp.  But apparently the leading father theory gives Jon Snow some dragon blood.  But according to some other sources, there are timing problems with my theory.  And according to the books, as I've read, Jon looks like a Stark, enough at least.

(If you follow GoT, you'll know what all this means.)

I would think that either way this goes, Jon Snow is likely to come out of this smelling like roses (that's an inside joke, but only because I read it on these pages speculating about who his parents are).

He's been acting quite heroic, you know.

Lighthouse of the Week, July 20-27, 2014: New London Ledge

Returning to the U.S. after an overseas hiatus, I decided to go with the New England state about which I knew the least regarding its lighthouses.  That would be Connecticut.  I was absolutely sure that Connecticut had lighthouses, and it has quite a few.  But the uniquest looking one was definitely the New London Ledge Light.

Here's a page about it:  New London Ledge, CT

Here's one from NELights on Flickr:

And from Summer Lighthouse Weekends:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Warm Pacific, warming world, warmest ever

From Slate:

Earth Just Finished Its Warmest Quarter Year Ever

"Taken as a whole, the just-finished three-month period was about 0.68 degrees Celsius (1.22 degrees Fahrenheit) above the 20th-century average. That may not sound like much, but the added warmth has been enough to provide a nudge to a litany of weather and climate events worldwide."

The main reason is this, the most reason global sea surface temperature anomaly map from NOAA (July 17). See all that orange and yellow in the Pacific?  Yeah, it's warm.  Anomalously warm. Those conditions might give rise to a true El Niño, but that's not sure yet (though the probabilities are still positive).

What is sure is that the warmth is sufficient to be raising global temperatures -- obviously, based on the title and subject of the article -- and it isn't likely to go away anytime soon.  Which means we'll likely see a few more warm months and probably a warm year.  How warm?  That can't be foreseen yet.