Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Once in my life, I'd like to try ...


Once in my life, I'd like to try durian.  Some people hate it, but for some reason, it seems like a lot more people love it.

Considering that you can only get it in Indonesia, I'm unlikely to ever have the chance to try it.  But I want to.

The reason for my recent durian crave is this article:

Durian deserves our love

An excerpt:
"Yes, durians might have a pungent, unfamiliar odor. But once you get past that, like all Malaysian children were cajoled into doing, you’ll be greeted by a taste so sultry it might just kick-start your journey to becoming a durian convert. With an avocado-like richness and a pleasantly bittersweet, almost alcoholic flavor, there’s nothing quite like it in the fruit universe. For this reason alone, in Malaysia, where I live, the durian isn’t just considered a native fruit; it is a fruit that has spawned a whole culture and lifestyle, a fact that is so often missed in the Western narrative."

So, dig in (if you have the chance):

Durian, closed and open


Unknown said...

My wife is Vietnamese and she loves durians. She buys them here, in the "Little Saigon" area of downtown Seattle.

Might look into something similar in your city if you want to give them a try.

Oakden Wolf said...

Thanks, I'll shop around. I found a way to get some by mail order, but it's very expensive.