Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Julianne Moore's Bulgari ads (banned in some places)

Julianne Moore did a series of advertisements for Bulgari -- and they were deemed too risque for some billboards in Venice (I guess when you share the square with a cathedral, you have to make SOME choices based on taste and decorum). But this is Venice where courtesans went around bare-breasted and masked during the Carnival. Hmmm...

This is an astonishingly lovely 49-year old woman. She deserves an award for looking this good.

Here's the pictures, size reduced. If you click the picture here, it gets bigger.

If you want to see the lovely Julianne without the props, the very small pictures below have her without props (but still not displaying anything erogenous, unlike in "Short Cuts" and "The End of the Affair", amongst others).

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