Thursday, February 18, 2016

At least there's a marker

Because I happen to live somewhat near there, I suddenly wondered one day last week if there is a historical marker and any surviving structures at the location where John Wilkes Booth, the assasin of President Lincoln, was shot and killed.

It turns out there is a marker.  But not much else.  And that's an interesting story, provided here in a well-written piece by Ben Swenson.

Where John Wilkes Booth died;  the Garrett Farm

I had forgotten my history;  because Booth was treated by Dr. Samuel Mudd in Maryland, I thought that he was killed at a location in Maryland.  But the Garrett Farm is in Virginia.

Here's a direct link to the picture of the marker (if you're curious):

Historical marker, Garrett Farm

If you want to see where it is, I made a map for you.  If you want to know where Port Royal is, use Google Maps.  Ironically enough, the marker is adjacent to Fort A.P. Hill.

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