Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Jon Snow knows something

Lots of people told Jon Snow on Game of Thrones that he knew nothing.  And we don't know if he's going to come back from the dead somehow this next season (but in some shape or form, I think he will).

But one thing Jon Snow (or his real-life actor self, Kit Harington) appears to know is a good thing when he sees one, which is why he's recently been spotted getting amorous with his ex-co-star Rose Leslie, who played the lamentably departed Ygritte (who probably told Jon Snow that he knew nothing more than anyone).

Sealed with a kiss! Game Of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie confirm romance rumours as they lock lips in LA 

And below is one of the reasons he may have decided this offscreen romance with an onscreen love interest may have been in their best interests:

(It got even better after he got the furs off.)

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