Monday, November 26, 2018

Lighthouse of the Week, November 25 - December 1, 2018: St. David's Lighthouse, Bermuda

The island of Bermuda has two real lighthouses, and several other beacons and metal towers.  I know because I looked at the Bermuda page of the Lighthouse Directory.   So maybe some day I'll come back to Bermuda and feature the famous high-on-a-hill Gibb's Hill Lighthouse, but this time I'll discuss the other one, St. David's Lighthouse.

So where is it, other than on the island of Bermuda, you are asking?  It's here.  Really and truly, it's on St. David's Island.

"1879. Active; focal plane 65 m (213 ft); two white flashes every 20 s; tower also carries flashing red and green lights that cover nearby shoals. 22 m (72 ft) octagonal limestone tower with lantern and double gallery; 2nd order Fresnel lens. ... Formerly all white, the lighthouse is now painted white with a broad red band in the center. The keeper's house is occupied by resident caretakers."
That's cool, it's a working lighthouse that still has a Fresnel lens.

Pictures below. Note that one of them is not an actual picture of the lighthouse.  And there's a bonus below the four pictures.

Bonus:  StreetView panorama at the St. David's Lighthouse.

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