Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another proof that ocean iron fertilization is not the answer

Awhile back I posted about ocean iron fertilization in response to an article on James Hrynyshyn's "Island of Doubt" blog:

This is for Hrynyshyn

Well, another experiment has tested the iron fertilization potential for climate mitigation -- and finds it lacking, as I (and probably many others far more knowledgeable than I) have already pointed out.

Climate scientists admit defeat in ocean experiment

The problem: Ocean critters eating ocean plants (i.e. algae), i.e., doing what comes naturally.

"However, the scientists from India's National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) and Germany's Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) did not count on these phytoplankton being eaten by tiny crustacean zooplankton."

Well, I coulda told 'em that might happen.

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