Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tea Party on the Mall

I'll bet most of these yahoos think that global warming is a hoax, too.

Up to two million march to US Capitol to protest against Obama's spending in 'tea-party' demonstration

Other sponsors of the rally include the Heartland Institute, Americans for Tax Reform and the Ayn Rand Center for Individuals Rights.

Yup. Global Warming "Facts" from the Heartland Institute

This is what the Heartland Institute's "science director" says:

"Lehr opened by noting, "When I point out in a couple of different ways that we're not responsible for the warming,"

which is ridiculous.

He also says this:

"We need 70 per cent of the public recognising this scam before the government will respond. In the United States we have risen in the past five years from 32-34 per cent recognising that global warming was not man-caused to right now around 54
per cent,"

and the idjit also says THIS:

"The shocking number is that, of that 4 per cent, man only contributes 3 per cent. That's our power plants, our automobiles, our own breathing; everything we do on the planet contributes 3 per cent. 97 per cent of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere comes from the ocean and from plants."

Well, I see about two million people who think this guy is a scientific genius; all are definitely citizens of unscientific America.

Pardon me while I get nauseous.

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