Thursday, December 16, 2010

Theme from Dragonheart

Years ago, I was befuddled when I heard music in the trailer for "Forrest Gump" -- it turned out to be from the soundtrack of "Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story". The same thing happened for "Atonement" recently, but because it had happened earlier for "Patch Adams" (believe it or not), I knew what music I was listening to -- the theme from "Dragonheart".

"Dragonheart" has been on HBO Family recently, and despite the relative silliness of the plot, I admit to liking it, and the music is very enjoyable to listen to.

Here's the list of movie trailers that the "Dragonheart" music has been used in:

• Anna and the King (1999) - Theatrical Trailer
• Atonement (2007) - TV Trailer
• Dragonheart: A New Beginning (2000) - Theatrical Trailer
• Mulan (1998) - Theatrical Trailer
• Patch Adams (1998) - Theatrical Trailer
• Seven Years In Tibet (1997) - Theatrical Trailer
• Six Days Seven Nights (1998) - Theatrical Trailer
• Two Brothers (2004) - Theatrical Trailer
• Two Brothers (2004) - TV Trailer
• The Young Black Stallion (2003) - Theatrical Trailer

Here's a review of the soundtrack from "Dragonheart" (the music is by Randy Edelman)

Dragonheart theme

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