Thursday, October 4, 2012

Look! It's Kristi Noem again!

So, just shortly after I noted that unfortunately-Republican Kristi Noem belongs on the hottest-in-Congress list, comes this study indicating that Republican women in Congress have more feminine features than Democratic women in Congress.

That's interesting.  Lots of theories and psych-speak bandied about explaining why, but ultimately the bottom line seems to be that conservative Republicans like it when their women politicians looks like women.

Preferably reasonably hot women.

No, this will not in any circumstances make me even consider for a miniscule moment switching parties.

Link to UCLA press release about this study.

""The Democratic Party is associated with social liberal policies that aim to diminish gender disparities, whereas the Republican Party is associated with socially conservative policy issues that tend to bolster traditional sex roles," Johnson said. "These policy platforms are manifest in each party's image — apparently also in the physical characteristics exhibited by politicians."

We could also call this "the Reese Witherspoon chin" effect.  Compare and decide for yourself.

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