Thursday, February 28, 2013

A crazy, but genius, idea

I am stunned that no one thought of this before.  It's been in the news -- probably even been trending on Twitter, too -- so my comments come late as this story broke.

Still, the idea of building a replica of the Titanic so that people could recreate the experience of being a passenger on it is really genius, and I think will probably make serious money.   Because it won't have all the amenities of the current cruise monsters (multiple pools, water slides, ice rinks, rock climbing walls, etc.), it won't be the family vacation that cruise lines are pushing these days.  It'll be nostalgia, romantic nostalgia, but it's likely to move pretty fast, and so it might become the posh way to go from New York to London.  Or it could settle into an East Coast - Bermuda route, and give a Titanic experience over just a couple of days.

Anyway, I think it'll be a great ride.  Heck, I want to go.

Titanic to sail again in 2016

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