Thursday, March 17, 2016

Catching up with Melissa Satta

Every year Sports Illustrated comes out with a swimsuit issue.  I think there are millions of people who are aware of that.   And several years ago, SI came up with the idea of having their models pose NUDE, but artfully presented with painted-on imitations of swimsuits, rather than actual swimwear, which they frequently pose with, rather than wearing.

But admittedly it was fascinating to see these gorgeous models not-quite-nude, wearing their faux painted swimwear.  And the artistry was pretty remarkable - not to mention the patience of both artists and model in getting it done.

One year, when there was a soccer World Cup in 2010, they had the very bright idea of having several of the more outstanding WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends) of various players wear paint, not exactly swimwear, but imitations of sportswear.  Peter Crouch's phenomenal wife Abbey Clancy was one of the featured WAG/models.

Several of them are in this article, which names them:  2010 SI's Bodypainting Soccer WAGs

Or just click this Google image link I made, and you'll see lots and lots of them.  Take your pick.

I actually wrote about it here back then:  Consider this a big favor

Well, even though Abbey was fabulous, I thought the real revelation was Melissa Satta, who was at the time the WAG of Christian Vieri, and now is is the WAG of Kevin Prince-Boateng of Ghana.  For it was most obvious with her, of the four featured WAGs, that her remarkable figure was painted, and not actually wearing clothes.

She and Boateng even had a child in April 2015.  And I discovered she has an Instagram account:  Melissa Satta's Instagram

So, rather than revisit here the body paint pictures (though admittedly I was forced to review them before writing this), I thought I'd provide an example of her more recent post-baby modeling, which is very, very appealing.

Ho-hum, another gorgeous WAG in lingerie

And here she is with her child, proving she had one.  Cute, too.

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