Thursday, March 31, 2016

Michelle Keegan is in two new shows, and more

Hadn't seen much news about Michelle Keegan lately, and then all of a sudden she's in four articles.  And in a new show, and she has sex on camera.

Clothed, unfortunately.

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Look away now, Mark! Michelle Keegan puts on an extremely steamy display in Plebs full trailer... ahead of first ever sex scene

Michelle Keegan admits she's “not bothered” about putting on weight

Michelle Keegan looks great in uniform as she goes into action for new telly series

"The change of lead [in the BBC drama Our Girl] isn’t the only thing that’s new for season two. The action sis switching from war-torn Afghanistan to Kenya, where Michelle plays an army medic on duty in a vast refugee camp."


Michelle Keegan flashes pert bum in black bikini as she shares racy snap marking International Women's Day

I'm chuffed.  Now, that's a nice picture, but I've got a better view of her backside here.  And if anyone claims that I've got too much of a prurient interest in Michelle (well, I probably do, but that's beside the point), remember that this picture was taken by her then very newly-wed husband, Mark Wright.

Who I hope is chuffed daily simply due to being married to her.

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