Saturday, July 9, 2016

How is this possible?

Here is the first sentence from an article -- the link to the article is posted below the quote.

Global per capita fish consumption has hit a record high, passing the 20kg per year mark for the first time, United Nations data has shown.

With many (over 30%) of wild fisheries overfished, how can this be?  Well, the answer is, consumption of farmed fish.

Here's the article:

UN: Global fish consumption per capita hits record high

Is this good news?  Maybe.  But not far from the first sentence, we find this:

"However, the report's authors warn that marine natural resources continue to be overharvested at unsustainable levels."

That's not surprising.  The per capita increase is seen as a plus, according to the article, because "fisheries have a very much smaller footprint than other main sources of animal protein", said Manual Barange, director of FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy and Resources.

The main reasons are the growth of aquaculture and more direct consumption of fish and fish products.

So maybe it's a good thing, but we must conserve the wild resources better.  Now.

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