Monday, July 11, 2016

Wimbledon wrap-up

Well, they didn't take long to make history, did they?   Both Serena Williams and Andy Murray won the title in straight sets, with Serena tying Steffi Graf for second on the all-time Grand Slam title list.  I tend not to like it when someone is so dominant, but you can't deny how great she is.  And she's battled back from injuries and life-threatening conditions, so there's a lot of good in her story.

Regarding Murray, he smartly took the title without much drama after his nemesis Djokovic got knocked out in an upset.  Not quite as momentous as the first one, finally getting it back on the British Isles, but still noteworthy as an achievement in his home country, sort of, depending on how you classify Scotland.  The Brits will take it, as indicated by the numerous British notables in the Royal Box.

OK, so Serena got her next one.  So now I want Halep to get her first one in the U.S. Open.

Also impressive was Venus Williams making it to the semifinals, and then teaming up with Serena to win another Wimbledon doubles.  She's battled back too, and she's 36 -- not too many other women have played that far into a Slam tournament at that age.

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