Friday, May 14, 2010

Whatever happened to Nastassja Kinski?

Nastassja Kinski was huge in the 1980s. Since then, as happens to young actresses, she had affairs and marriages resulting in kids during her hot span (she happens to be a 3x3, with children by Vincent Spano, Ibrahim Moussa, and Quincy Jones, for those who think Ulrika Jonsson's 4x4 is so bad -- I don't), and her career has slowed down, as she's in that limbo called actress middle-age.

It's pretty amazing to remember how huge she was -- "Stay As You Are", "Cat People", "Tess" (of the d'Ubervilles), "Hotel New Hampshire", "Paris, Texas", "Maria's Lovers" and of course the iconic Avedon photo wearing nothing but a snake (another one of those nude moments that I have to write more about, and soon), so noted that it was spoofed in "Bloom County" and by Miss Piggy.

I think that the movie that marked the beginning of her slow wane was "Terminal Velocity". And I've always wished I could have seen "Stay as You Are".

She has a Web site (in French)

OK, and I found this while writing this post:

Nastassja's lovely daughter Sonja recreates her mother's snake photograph

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