Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Belgium drops the nuclear ball

Belgium to switch off nuclear; operator see blackouts ahead

In another short-sighted move by a liberal European country, Belgium thinks that it can get to the future without nuclear power. I wish them luck and expect that they're going to have considerable problems with that plan. So also does the utility that runs the reactors that are going to get shut down.

"Already a net importer of electricity, Belgium could become increasingly dependent on its neighbours, increase its carbon footprint by replacing nuclear with thermal energy, and be forced to considerably hike the price of electricity for consumers.

"On a question such as this which is fundamental to the national economy, it is essential that clear decisions be taken and communicated," it [Electrabel, subsidiary of GDF-Suez] said."

The idiocy continues. But better news is around:

Czechs open tender for new reactors at Temelin plant

The Czechs have got it right. Use nuclear in the national energy mix to achieve future advancement in the nation's society and security.

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