Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The real campaign issue

The real campaign issue next year will be the Republican attempt to defeat the President by not doing ANYTHING to address the country's difficult problems. I've been thinking this for months, and this column expresses it well.

"Do-Nothing Republican Congress" Could Sink GOP In 2012

"McConnell, and his House counterpart, John Boehner, don't lose a wink of sleep over concerns that their intransigence harms the economic prospects of everyday Americans. In their view, the worse the economy gets, the more likely the voters will be to boot President Obama out of the Oval Office.

But a good case can be made that these guys will end up being too clever by half -- that in fact they are providing fuel for precisely the argument that could defeat them in 2012."


"In the deliberations of the "Super Committee," Republicans have been completely unwilling to give on the fundamental question of whether millionaires should be asked to pay to put America's economic house in order. The view of the Republican leadership is that -- in addition to defeating President Obama -- their principal mission is to act as guard dogs for the exploding incomes of the top 1%."


"They will privatize Social Security, destroy Medicare, emasculate the labor movement, cut taxes further for corporations and the wealthy. They will create new radical conservative facts on the ground that they hope will entrench conservative power for generations."

In short, the Republicans in Congress are putting self-interest before the good of the country. And that's the issue that will decide the election.

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