Thursday, November 10, 2011

There's a little good news, and much bad news

OK, the little bit of good news. Apparently there isn't infectious salmon anemia in British Columbia:

Further tests fail to detect salmon virus

The bad news: because they're so popular, bluefin tuna and marlin are on the fast track to extinction:

First global assessment finds highest-grossing tunas and billfishes most vulnerable to extinction

This is a quote:
"Regional fisheries managers set quotas for these ocean-crossing species, which all countries in each region must agree to enforce. However, the lucrative lure of supply and demand often outweighs playing by the rules. As fish populations decline, rarity adds to their price, which spurs increased—and sometimes illegal—fishing. “This means the last bluefin is worth more than the boat that’s caught it,” Collette says."

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