Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Update on La Reunion wildfires

I wrote about the fires in La Reunion's national park yesterday, and how they are threatening the biome in a UNESCO world heritage nature site. Well, I found a little more info about the fires (with pictures) today. It doesn't look good from altitude, either.

Fires in La Reunion

Fire ravages heart of La Reunion National Park

"A fire that broke out on 11 October 2010 in the Maïdo forest at La Reunion National Park on Réunion Island was the worst the area has seen in twenty years, with roughly 1,000 hectares of the Park affected. Key areas of endemic plants seem to be seriously affected as well as other key micro-habitats for biodiversity. Among wildlife, several rare species are under threat, according to a preliminary report submitted by the State Party."

A hectare is about 2.5 acres, in case you didn't know. (I didn't.)

I hope they extinguish these soon.

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