Friday, April 1, 2016

Six more Samanthas

I posted six reasonably famous women (including a fictional character) named Samantha a few posts ago.   So now here are the other six I found.

Samantha Fox - singer, model, actress, famous for both her songs and her looks.

Samantha Harris - hostess (DWTS and Entertainment Tonight), mother of two, recently had a bout with breast cancer, and recently returned to ET), fitness advocate

Another Samantha Harris - Australian fashion model with an unusual look, partly because she's partly Aboriginal.  To make things more confusing, she was on Australia's DWTS.

Samantha Mathis - actress, noted for Broken Arrow and American Psycho, dated River Phoenix, most recently on The Strain on TV.

Samantha Barks - curvy actress, superb singer, came to be noticed in Les Miserables (the movie), which is the role she's shown in below. Does much stage work, too;  had a role in Dracula Untold.

Samantha Hoopes - American swimsuit model.  Hot.

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