Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Lighthouse of the Week, December 11-17, 2016: Point Abino, Ontario, Canada

Because there's going to be a lot of lake-effect snow right about the time I'm writing this and tomorrow, I thought of the Great Lakes, and a quick investigation of past Lighthouses OTW indicated that I had only one previous one from the great province of Ontario, Canada.   So I did what I usually do, searched, and came up with a very classic example of a lighthouse, the Point Abino light, which is located quite near Niagara Falls, as the map shows.

Now, Point Abino has an interesting history.  Rather than copy it all here, read the whole thing on the Lighthouse Directory Southwestern Ontario page.

One of the results of the interesting history was the Point Abino Lighthouse Preservation Society.  It has pictures of the lighthouse, pictures of the restoration, information about tours, everything you might want to know.

Now for a short summary of info about the lighthouse.  It was built in 1917 and operated from 1918 to 1995.  Then it was deactivated, and the sage of getting it renovated began.  The Greek Revival tower is 98 feet high.

I went a little overboard (nautical term there) with pictures, so enjoy them.  I've got a couple of winter ones, since it's winter right now.  A couple of them are attributed to the photographer.

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by Dale Roddick

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