Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Will the media let Trump keep lying?

Jennifer Rubin, who is a conservative right-wing columnist at the Washington Post, and who really, really doesn't think Donald Trump should have been elected President, has some advice for the media:

Don't let Trump or his seconds lie to you.  And don't let Trump's seconds defend the lies that he tells.

She provides a transcript of George Stephanopoulos trying to get Mike Pence to discuss the topic of Trump lying about the "millions" of fraudulent votes in the last election, but Pence stuck to the script of denying that the Trumpster lied about that.

Interviewers cannot let Trump's lies fly by

A quote: "Trump’s assault on the truth goes a long way toward explaining his unhinged attacks on the media. He and his advisers scream bloody murder when the press reports his own words. That’s not “dishonest” or “liberal bias” as he says — it’s reporting on the objective reality (what came out of his own mouth), something that threatens Trump’s stranglehold on the national conversation. His bizarre notion that we should not take him “literally” (i.e., expect him to believe what he says) sums up the Orwellian world in which he operates."

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