Thursday, December 29, 2016

Phenological data repeatedly refutes fake climate data claims

Nature is all around us. Nature does not take sides. Nature does not "fake" anything. No, nature does what nature has to do when influenced by processes in the Earth system. When those processes change, nature will change in response. It must. It has no choice.

Take, for example, the ice that covers many lakes in the respective hemispheric winters. Now, actually, there aren't a lot of ice-covered lakes in the Southern Hemisphere winter, because there's a lot more ocean and a lot less land in the south. So this is primarily a northern hemisphere effect. Now, when the temperature of the air gets warmer than the freezing point of ice, the ice will melt. Has to. Simple physics. It has no choice.

So, we do know, climate is changing. Winters are warmer and shorter. That means the ice on the lakes are generally thinner, and the thawing temperatures of spring happen earlier. So the ice on the lakes thaws earlier in the spring over decades. Simple observations taken every year of ice-covered lakes show when this happens. If the temperature of the Earth was not changing, if the winters were about the same length, there would be no trend. But there is, toward earlier thaws, because the Earth's climate is changing. And anyone who tells you the data is faked, that the trend is artificial, cannot explain this simple observation of nature.

Now there's a new one. Migratory birds are changing when they arrive (when their migration ends) in response to global warming.  They're arriving earlier. The birds don't care about the debate. They are driven by an urge to eat, to reproduce, to nest -- and they instinctively time their migrations to optimize the search for food and their reproductive success. They aren't involved in debates about the correctness of science or the number of scientists who "think" global warming is happening. They just do what they must in response to a warming climate -- to survive and hopefully to thrive.

So, if anyone tells you global warming data is "faked", tell them you've looked at nature, and nature says they are wrong, lying, or so ideologically committed and twisted that they can't admit the truth of what nature is telling us.

Here is the link to the actual published research paper.

Temporal shifts and temperature sensitivity of avian spring migratory phenology: a phylogenetic meta-analysis

That's something that people who claim climate change data is faked can hardly ever produce;  published science to support their bogus claims.  That's because their claims are bogus -- as nature repeatedly tells us.

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