Thursday, February 2, 2017

First sonnet for February

Even though I've got several sonnets to publish here, I was busy last month and didn't get a chance to sort them out.   So here's my first "release" for February.  I hope to have a few more.

The wishes of the watchers

I found another's moment -- not my own,
of course, but one I wish could have been mine;
unbridled and exposed down to the bone --
authentic, far beyond the safer line
that marks mere simulation. Time and place
could not be known, but they are lesser to
the import of the moment, flesh and lace
entwined with strength and softness and a true
expression of emotion's power and
conviction. As I then anticipate
finality, I watch her hopes demand
their expectations of his destined fate --
and he complies with ecstasy's intent
while I assess the marvel of consent.

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