Thursday, February 23, 2017

Kansas approaches disaster, and the USA is next

Kansas, Governor Sam Brownback's personal conservative experiment that is becoming increasingly untenable, took another step toward total failure.  This step consisted of a coalition of Republicans and Democrats trying to force a bill with some actual common sense in it through the legislature.  But it fell three votes short of a veto overturn -- Brownback vetoed it, of course, adding another brick to his monument to futility.

Republican's 'real live experiment' with Kansas's economy survives a revolt from their own party

Here's some notable quotables:

"The state is facing a $350 million budget shortfall. Brownback’s critics say the state’s persistent deficits are evidence that the economic benefits from reduced taxes are not always adequate to make up for reductions in revenue, as advocates of supply-side changes have sometimes claimed."

and this:

"That [tax] avoidance has contributed to repeated budget deficits, forcing state policymakers to take emergency measures, exhausting the state’s reserves and diverting money dedicated to maintaining highways to keep the state’s government operating."

Remember, states have to balance their budgets.  Clearly this experiment is reaching a conclusive result.

It doesn't work.

Of course, this is what the Republicans in Congress are planning to get Donald Trump to do with the country.

How do you think that will work out?

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