Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lighthouse of the Week, February 19-25, 2017: Presque Isle, Erie, Pennsylvania

Confusingly, there's a Presque Isle in Maine (nowhere near either the ocean or a large lake) and a Presque Isle State Park in Lake Erie, adjacent to Erie, Pennsylvania. Furthermore, the Presque Isle in Lake Erie is a peninsula, not an island. None of that makes a lot of sense. However, the Presque Isle (peninsula) in Lake Erie has a lighthouse, which is why it's featured here this week. To make Presque Isle matters even more complex, there is also a Presque Isle, Michigan, that has a lighthouse, too, which will be the lighthouse next week. It this Presque Isle is also not an island. What is up with that?

The Presque Isle Lighthouse (Pennsylvania) has it's own Web site:


The Presque Isle Lighthouse Web site has a history of the lighthouse; it was completed in 1873.


Stats-wise, it's 57 feet high with a nice house attached to it. Access to the lamp room is via a spiral staircase. And it is still a working lighthouse for Lake Erie ships and boats.


From the water, best I could find:

Better, but a stock photo; click the link

Model (by Scassis)


From the air, small picture. If you really want a large version, you can see where to get it from.

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