Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The BEST news of the day

I read happily today that Playboy is going to stop its non-nude format, and return to that which made it famous -- lovely nude women.

It was a mistake, anyway.  The Playmate is an American symbol, icon, ambassador, and representative of the best America has to offer.  Without the Playmate, the Playboy Bunny is just another rabbit.  A nude Playmate is special.  A non-nude Playmate is just a pretty model.

And the thing about the Playmate that set her apart from other formats and venues was that usually she wasn't particularly famous or noteworthy before the centerfold appearance.  (There have been a couple of exceptions, but Playboy was fairly famous for finding their girls young, so they had their careers ahead of them.)  And of course, some Playmates went on to more conventional show business success, some did something entirely different, some married or partnered well, some got into various kinds of trouble, some just did the conventional route of getting married and having kids -- and some of them did ALL of that.  Just like life -- even though Playmates set a rarely-equaled beauty standard that was not like normal life at all.  Which made them special, desirable, and almost (but not quite) untouchable.  Playmates were the girl-next-door who was also the captain of the cheerleading squad.  Few of us could play in that league, but boys could dream. (And did, frequently.)

So this is happy news, at least for this loyal reader.  Now, if they could just bring back pubic hair...

Cooper Hefner Tries to Make Playboy Great Again by Bringing Nudity Back

And to celebrate, here's a non-nude (but she was, in a lot of others) picture of cutaceous Dorothy Mays, Miss July 1979.

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