Monday, March 13, 2017

Lighthouse of the Week, March 12-18, 2016: Pakri Tuletorn, Estonia

After finding a lighthouse in Poland last week, I wondered if Estonia has lighthouses. About half of the country's border is coastline, and it also has islands. My expectations that it would have lighthouses were confirmed. Google Map searching indicates a baker's dozen, including one inland lighthouse, Mehikoorma. I'm assuming "tuletorn" means lighthouse in Estonian (quick check ... indeed it does).

(According to the esteemed Lighthouse Directory, Estonia actually has 70 lighthouses. That's impressive.)

I decided to feature the Pakri Tuletorn, at the mouth of the Gulf of Finland, because it's bright red and eye-catching. It's actually only red on one side, which makes it look a bit unfinished. I guess they ran out of paint or it needs repainting (which is what the Lighthouse Directory says about it).

The tower is 52 meters high, and this lighthouse was built in 1889. Previous lighthouses on the site have been damaged by the ravages of the ocean.

Estonia's own Web page on the lighthouse: 



Just the lighthouse --

Fabulous panorama -- see the older lighthouse on the cliff edge

Another angle:

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