Tuesday, March 7, 2017

This makes NO sense

Donald Trump's Presidency so far has been a circus, a travesty, and a nonsensical parody of what an actual Presidential administration should look like.  There are so many subjects of note and concern to write about that it is difficult to know where to start.

So I'm starting with this:  The Trump administration is planning to stop funds for the Energy Star program.  All that Energy Star does is tell consumers what appliance choices are the most energy efficient.  Utilities love it, because it keeps the load on the grid down.  Consumers love it because it saves money.  Politicians should love it because money people save on energy costs is money that can be spent on other things, boosting the economy.

So zeroing out Energy Star makes absolutely no sense.

Here's an article that talks about it:   Energy Star Wars

And here's a quote from the article:
"Since Energy Star’s founding in 1992, the program has been highly successful. It has saved people about $430 billion on their energy bills, the program reports, while operating with a reported budget of only about $50 million per year. It has also kept 2.7 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. And it has about 85 percent brand recognition."
So to say that canceling the program is stupid is to properly characterize such a move.  It's stupid, it's short-sighted, it makes no sense at all, it's bad for Americans and bad for the American economy.  Well, that's Trump in a nutshell.

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