Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lighthouse of the Week, March 5-13, 2017: Port Północny, Poland

It is getting more difficult to find new countries in the world that have coasts and lighthouses on them, as I've been doing this Lighthouse of the Week feature for quite awhile now.  So when I tried out a simple search test for lighthouses, I found this one, in Poland, reminding me that Poland does indeed have a small coastal area on the Baltic Sea.  This particular lighthouse is near Gdańsk. Don't need a map for this one, just look for Gdańsk on any map of Poland. It's not hard to find.

This is an interesting lighthouse because it has a building on the top. When I first saw it I thought it might be a restaurant, which would be an unusual thing to have, but the views might be pretty good. It turns out that the building is the harbor control facility for Gdańsk and Gdynia, sort of like an airport control tower. The tower is 61 meters high with a three-story control room. Also on top in addition to the light is a radar antenna. I got most of that info from The Lighthouse Directory.

The lighthouse is also the newest lighthouse in all of Poland, according to Wikipedia.

So here are two pictures, near and far, as well as an image of the lighthouse on a stamp from Poland..

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