Monday, May 31, 2021

Highway 41 approaches Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


We are now nearing Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  Fond du Lac means "bottom of the lake", and in this case it's geographical, not limnological -- Fond du Lac is loc-ated at the southern end of Wisconsin's big Lake Winnebago.  And there's some interesting geology and geography associated with this lake, so as the Highway 41 end-to-end Streetview trek goes by the lake, we'll investigate some of that, too.

So let's start out south of Fond du Lac.

Outside Fond du Lac; it is somewhat hard to tell it's nearby.

Fond du Lac Skyport/Airport to the west (left)

Let's take a couple of looks around Fond du Lac

South Main Street, by Veterans Park (City Hall is on the other side of the park)


This is the bridge over the Fond du Lac River on Scott Street. The Fond du Lac River is not a very long river; 10-12 miles depending on which creek you choose as its origin.

Next time, in very short order, we'll visit the Fond du Lac lakefront.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Mitch McConnell: old dirty dog, old dirty tricks


I doubt there will ever be enough written about how awful and terrible Senator Mitch McConnell has become;  if he wasn't like this years ago, he sure is now.  And now that he's serving the Master, Donald Trump (at some point having sold his soul), it's really bad.  As if it could be worse than vowing to do everything in his power to make President Obama a one-term president, and then blocking the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court on the basis of rules he made up himself, and then smirking as  he confirmed that he'd get a nomination confirmed right at the end of the Trump administration, which he did even as the election was officially underway

I could call him a lot worse words than scum, but scum is one of the things he is.

So, what tricks is the dog up to now?

McConnell focuses ‘100 percent’ on blocking Biden — and zero percent on America

"And so, as early as Thursday, McConnell will use the filibuster to thwart a bipartisan effort to prevent further attacks on the U.S. government by domestic terrorists — because he thinks it’s good politics for Republicans."

"McConnell, asked this month about the ouster of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) from GOP leadership, and whether he was concerned that many Republicans believe Donald Trump’s election lie, replied, twice: “One hundred percent of my focus is on stopping this new administration.” True to his word, McConnell has blocked everything — even if it means undercutting Republican negotiators."

"He [McConnell] earned an extraordinary rebuke from the University of Louisville (the Kentuckian’s alma mater and home to the McConnell Center) when he declared that it was an “exotic notion” to believe that 1619 — the year in which slaves arrived in the American colonies — is among “the most important dates in American history.” Before that, McConnell threatened “serious consequences” for “woke” corporations that moved business from Georgia because of the state’s discriminatory new voting restrictions."

Scum?  Yes.  

Patriot?  No.  

Public servant?  No.  

Despicable?  Yes. 

Danger to the integrity of U.S. elections


Stop me if you've heard this before:  Republicans around the country, where they control the reins of government, are instituting voting "reforms" that will allow them to both control and restrain the votes of voters they don't like, and if that doesn't work, allow the legislature to overturn outcomes they don't like.


For more on this disturbing trend, read this:

An anti-Trump Republican’s agonizing travails point to real trouble ahead

"Consider this: Raffensperger is facing a primary challenge from Rep. Jody Hice, who has been endorsed by Trump on the specific grounds that he’ll use his official power to subvert future election results that Republicans hate, in a way Raffensperger would not. This is Hice’s whole rationale for running!"

Like I said, just great. 

Big puff from the Great Sitkin


While there's been volcanic activity in the Caribbean, Iceland, Italy, and tragically in Africa when the Nyiragongo volcano lake drained and sent a fissure eruption into the outskirts of Goma, Alaska's Aleutian Island chain is always capable of sudden surprises.

Such was the case on May 25th with the Great Sitkin volcano, which pretty much comprises all of Great Sitkin Island, located about 22 miles northeast of Adak (on the island of Adak), where a few people live and where there a couple of runways for airplanes to land on.

Aleutian volcano Great Sitkin briefly erupts, sending ash 15,000 feet high

I'm just slightly amused that there's a volcano named the Great Sitkin.  Nice day for an eruption.

Lighthouse of the Week, May 23-29, 2021: Eggum, Lofoten Islands, Norway


This week's lighthouse is in Norway, but not mainland Norway -- it's in the Lofoten Islands/Archipelago, which is mostly not directly attached to the Norwegian mainland.  It's noted for spectacular coastal scenery -- which for Norway is saying something.

So, the lighthouse is Eggum, which is on the island of Vestvågøya, one of the main Lofoten islands (actually, probably the main one).  Here's where it is.

It happens to be located near the Lofotr Viking Museum.

Here's what we know about it (from the Lighthouse Directory, of course). 

" Date unknown (station established 1900). Active; focal plane 5 m (17 ft); white, red or green light depending on direction, occulting once every 6 s. 4 m (13 ft) octagonal lantern mounted on a stone base. Lantern painted white with a red roof. One of Norway's rare sand beaches adjoins the light. Located on a promontory northeast of Eggum, on the north side of Vestvågøy. "

 So now, pictures.  And I'll have another lighthouse from the Lofotens next, because it's very unique.

by Magnus Larsson

by rikscan

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Follow up on the Jocelyn Binder Maxim-France cover appearance


Last week I posted congratulations to model Jocelyn Binder for being on the cover of Maxim-France.  At the time, I noted that after some effort, I couldn't find any links to any other text or pictures in the issue.

Well, Jocelyn kindly provided more on her Instagram, which I'm passing along to my few but devoted readers below.   If you click on the pictures, they will be displayed larger, though not much, but enough to make the text readable (with good vision or glasses).

She's an amazing woman, in many different respects, not just her considerable beauty.  I wish her continued success.

I fail to feel compassion, for some reason


Not much else I can say about this.

Rep. Matt Gaetz claims $155,000 he and his fiancée wired to close on the sale of a yacht in Florida has 'gone missing' after they were targeted by 'malicious actors'

"Gaetz and his fiancée were spotted on a 41-foot yacht docked at Pier 4 at the St. Petersburg Municipal Marina in March - about a week after it was revealed he may be connected to the sex-trafficking case involving his former ally Joel Greenberg. Several boat owners recalled seeing Gaetz and Luckey onboard the yacht to survey the boat during an inspection. The deal allegedly fell through a month later in April, WFLA reported."

Too bad -- but I think this is going to be one of his less important problems shortly.  And if his girl sticks with him, I'll be VERY surprised.  Maybe she needs the boat to go on a sea cruise -- a long one.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Congrats to Jocelyn


One of my favorite models for a lot of reason (beauty, grace, daring, courage -- she's survived breast cancer), Jocelyn Binder, is on the cover of Maxim-France.  And it's a doubly-enjoyable view.

I tried several different strategies to see if there was any more content from this issue online, but couldn't find anything (yet).

Another tragic argument for gun control -- as well as self-control


This is a terrible tragedy.  And I can relate to it, because I have become angered at someone who does something rude and impolite in traffic. And it has cost me -- fortunately not lives or industry, but I was taught a lesson.  It is not worth it.

Clearly it was not worth it here.  But the other thing is, as I have noted before, and which has been noted in many studies and reports and observations -- having a gun is a temptation;  the temptation is to use it.  Not in self-defense, but in self-expression, and in self-justification.   And it is STUPID to do so.  The history of basic simple gun tragedies in domestic life is just this -- what could have been just a disagreement, some shouting, some hand-waving, becomes a fatality.

It's just not worth it.

Boy, 6, is shot and killed in car booster seat 'after his mother gave other driver the finger on California freeway for cutting her off'

As I write this, on Sunday, May 23rd, the shooter has not been apprehended.  I wonder what's going through his mind right now.

I hate when this happens


Sea arches are one of the coolest combinations of erosion, geology, and ocean coastal dynamics in the world.

Unfortunately, because of erosion, they are not permanent.  I can think of the collapses of the Arch of Kerguelen, the Malta "Azure Window", and the Aruba natural bridge (the last two were relatively recent). 

Now, the Darwin Arch in the Galapagos Islands has joined the ranks of the fallen.

Darwin’s Arch, a Famed Rock Formation in the Galápagos, Collapses

The article has both before and after pictures.  Let's remember it before.

Highway 41 End-to-end Streetview Trek: In the Wisconsin Marshes


As promised, after taking a look at the Theresa Marsh, now the Highway 41 trek goes a little north to a famous, big, and important marsh and wildlife area -- Horicon. 

Just north of Lomira, if you take County Road 49, you get to the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge, a very important place for lots of geese, and many other migratory birds (including whooping cranes). Worth the side trip, and we'll also visit Waupun.

Horicon Marsh

On the Horicon driving tour road.

Downtown Waupun -- the mayor's office (impressive) on the right.

Now we'll go back to Highway 41 -- and on to Fond du Lac.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

This might be the fewest words I've ever written in a blog post


Vavoom Vodka.

I recommend this video.

(I don't drink vodka.)

Charly Jordan.  You're welcome.

Still doesn't answer my urgent question


So, here's an article about the booming space tourism business.

Space tourism:  when could we plan a trip to cosmos   (that's the verbatim title of the piece, by the way)

The article describes how many people have been tourists in space (8), and the competition between Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, and Blue Origin for private launch, trip, orbit (?), and other stops on the itinerary, like maybe the Moon.

But it still doesn't answer my most urgent question.  Surely somebody (actually, surely two people, as that's required) must be thinking about how they could be a first in space that really never EVER could be anything less than massively historic.  So -- what?  who?  when? where?  And will there be video?

The first what?  you ask.  You should read my blog more!

Where do baby sea turtles grow up?


A lot of us have seen the cute nature documentaries where a big female sea turtle manages to crawl up on a beach, dig a big divot in the sand, and pump out a bunch of slimy turtle eggs before making its ungainly way back to the ocean.   And then we've seen the cute little sea turtle pups climb out of the hole and slap their way to the waves, if they aren't eaten by the waiting herons or hungry raccoons.  And they if they make it past the surfline, the barracudas are waiting to slurp them up as hors d'oeuvres before the skipjack course.

But obviously a valiant and clever few of those little slappers manages to grow up and become a big sea turtle too.  But where?  That question has been unanswered for many years.

Now, at least for some of them, there's an answer.

Scientists uncover longtime mystery about where some sea turtles go after hatching: The Sargasso Sea

"Scientists at the University of Central Florida attached tiny solar-powered tracking devices to 21 green sea turtles’ shells, then tracked them for 152 days. Fourteen of the turtles headed to the Sargasso Sea, a body of water defined not by land boundaries but by North Atlantic currents."

Well, I would expect that they can hide in the sargassum weed from the barracudas.  And at least the sargassum weed is good for something other than washing up on the beach and turning into a stinking mass of organic glop with floats.

Lighthouse of the Week, May 16-22, 2021: Punta de Puntarenas, Costa Rica


There are only a couple of traditional-style lighthouses in Costa Rica, and this is one of those.  It's on the Pacific Coast of the country, on a small spit of land in the Gulf of Nicoya, which partially separates the main part of Costa Rica from the Nicoya Peninsula.

So here's where that is.

This is what the Lighthouse Directory can tell us:

"2014 (station established 1856). Active; focal plane 17 m (56 ft); two quick white flashes every 5 s. 13 m (43 ft) round tower with lantern and gallery. Tower clored with red and white horizontal bands; lantern painted black. ... This is Costa Rica's oldest light station, although it was inactive for many years before 2014."

Pictures and a short video are below.


Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Unknown Hero of Herculaneum


Being somewhat fascinated with volcanoes, this article about a reclassified skeleton in Herculaneum caught my eye.  Originally thought to be a simple soldier, the discovery of more items associated with the skeleton allowed archaeologists the chance to reassess who he was, with the tentative conclusion (we'll never know for sure) that this was an important Roman soldier, perhaps one attempting to rescue the fleeing (and doomed) citizens of Herculaneum.

First, from the Daily Mail:

Skeleton found in ruins of Herculaneum is identified as Roman officer who was killed while helping to rescue others during the Mount Vesuvius eruption 2,000 years ago

According to this article, the discovery of a backpack and some tools (and also some money) indicated he had some importance.

The BBC article was somewhat more detailed about the artifacts found.

Vesuvius ancient eruption rescuer identified at Herculaneum, says expert

"Twelve silver and two gold denarii coins were found in the man's possession - the equivalent of a month's salary for members of the elite Praetorian Guard, according to Mr Sirano.

His highly decorated gold and silver belt and a sword with an ivory handle indicate he was no ordinary soldier, while his bag contained tools likely to have been used by a faber navalis - one of the Guard's naval engineers specialised in carpentry."

Here's a picture of his sword, dagger, and tools.


Though we will never know for sure, one can imagine this soldier just "doing his job", and falling in the line of duty, attempting to rescue people under catastrophic, terrifying conditions. I salute him.

Here's a strongly-worded quote


From this Washington Post op-ed authored by Paul Waldman,

Ted Cruz just sent a very important message to Joe Manchin

I extracted the following viciously true quote:
But in 2021, restrictions on voting — from making mail voting more difficult to outlawing drop boxes to even stopping people from giving a bottle of water to voters forced to wait on hours-long lines — are not just GOP priorities. They have become the central defining goal of the Republican Party.

In light of current events, that is totally true and totally troubling.


BACK on Highway 41 in Wisconsin


It has been too long, especially when the end (however still far away) is in sight.  So now, with many Streetviews of Wisconsin saved up, we shall make progress northward.

This is apparently a crossing of Limestone Creek, which flows through the Allenton Marsh Wildlife Area. We'll get closer to another marsh up ahead.

This creek flows through the Theresa Marsh Wildlife Area. On the other side of the marsh is the town of Theresa, of course.

Theresa Marsh is still to the left. We'll take one off-highway look next.

Off-road look at Theresa Marsh from County Road 28 (I think it's a county road, it's definitely 28-something).

We'll skip the town of Theresa, but visit Lomira, Wisconsin.

Main Street Lomira -- there's a cornfield in the middle of town.

Sterr Park in Lomira

Wisconsin's "best" marsh will be featured next!!

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Bye-bye Bennu


The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is now headed back to Earth (officially on May 10), bringing some bits and pieces of the asteroid it orbited and landed on (briefly) with it.

OSIRIS-REx Bids Farewell to Asteroid Bennu

So in roughly 2 1/2 years, we'll finally get to see what it got.

This picture below (which I only saw today) shows the sampling site.  The hole that was made is the darker area in the center with lighter colored rocks strewn around it.  

I just can't take it anymore


I finally have to admit that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a beautiful woman.  

She's still with baby daddy actor Jason Statham, and though they've been engaged a long time, there's apparently no wedding date set.

Sometimes marriage ruins these long-term relationships, but Jason would be smart to maintain this one using whatever means he can.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley flaunts her sizzling figure in a lacy black bra as she poses up a storm while modelling her new lingerie range

Here's a couple of pictures from the recent set.  I have to say, the M&S Web site cheats -- they show the exact same pictures of Rosie with different colors of the same design, obviously computer manipulated.  So it's harder to find the actual posing pictures that tabloids like the Daily Mail and The Sun use.

Lighthouse of the Week, May 9-15, 2021: Cape Verige, Montenegro


Montenegro is a small country with a small coastal area on the Adriatic Sea, and despite the smallness of the coast, it has lighthouses.  This one is interesting for being next to an old stone building and also because I found a Google Streetview of it.

Here's where it is.  The lighthouse is next to the Gospa od Andela-Verige.

The Lighthouse Directory has a short entry on it, but it doesn't even mention the black-and-white stripes.

"Date unknown. Active; focal plane 10 m (33 ft); green flash every 3 s. 6 m (20 ft) post mounted on a square concrete pedestal. ... The light stands next to a ruined stone chapel. Located on the east side of the northern entrance to the Verige Strait."

Here's the Streetview view, and it's a pretty great view.

And here are a couple of other pictures of it.  

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Lighthouse of the Week, May 2-8, 2021: Five Mile Point, New Haven, CT, USA


Well, this Lighthouse of the Week is a few days behind, but I plan to catch up.  Plans sometimes go awry, but I'll try to keep on this schedule, and make progress on the Streetview trek as well.

So the Lighthouse of the Week for the week of May 2-8, 2021, is the oft-photographed Five Mile Point lighthouse, also known as the New Haven Harbor Lighthouse, in Connecticut.  Here's where it really is.

I also saw this lighthouse referred to as the Morris Cove lighthouse, though New Haven Harbor is not Morris Cove.  Morris Cove is a neighborhood in the East Shore section of New Haven, and it's where Lighthouse Park is located, and that's where this lighthouse is located.

Let's get the basic info, ably assisted by the Lighthouse Directory.

"1847 (Marcus Bassett) (station established 1805). Inactive since 1877 (a decorative mercury vapor light is displayed); charted as a landmark. 70 ft (21 m) octagonal brownstone tower with lantern and gallery, painted white; lantern black. The 2-1/2 story red brick keeper's house (1835). A historic coastal warning display tower also stands near the lighthouse.

Deactivated in 1877 in favor of the Southwest Ledge Light (previous entry), the lighthouse has been owned by the city since 1922. The tower was restored in 1986. The keeper's house, currently leased as a residence, was previously reported to be in poor condition ..."

Because it's in a park, near a city, it's often visited, and as I said, oft-photographed, and there's some very artsy shots out there in image land.  These are more basic.


Monday, May 10, 2021

Once again, if you have to ask, etc.


OK, number one, to actually need this item, you first of all need a yacht big enough to host it.

Then, second, you actually need to play the game (though probably not very well).

And three, you have to buy it.

Bugatti reveals the world's most expensive pool table: £217,000 'self-levelling' table will allow superyacht owners to play while at sea

" London-based yacht broker Chris Cecil-Wright told the Daily Telegraph the table would be an ideal 'toy' for the super rich.

He said: 'This is a lovely toy, perfect for people who are so immensely wealthy that if they can imagine something for their boat, whatever it is, then it’s possible.

'If you can imagine it you can make it possible.'

The table is being made by Spanish carbon fibre specialist company IXO for Bugatti's lifestyle collection. "

Alexis Ren looks fetching


Sometimes words have no meaning when pictures take their place.

West Ham's lost weekend


Well, West Ham United's weekend did not go well.   They lost to Everton 1-0, and Liverpool beat Southampton 2-0.    And Manchester United's makeup game with Liverpool was rescheduled for this coming Tuesday (tomorrow as I write this), and two days later they play the scheduled game with Leicester City.    Now, actually, I think West Ham's Championship League chances are over, so the LC game is less important, but the fact that the Man U coach said he might not put his best team on the field for one of these two games prompted a bit of a blowback from West Ham's coach David Moyes (who used to coach Man U, by the way):

David Moyes questions the 'integrity' of the Premier League's decision to make Manchester United play two of West Ham's Champions League rivals in the space of 48 hours: 'I don't know if there was a better way to sort the fixtures out'

Meanwhile, Chelsea defeated Manchester City, aided by a penalty call that wasn't made and should have been, so Manchester City hasn't officially clinched the Premier League title yet.  But they will.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The saga of West Ham United


Well, with Crystal Palace about where they've been every season since rejoining the Premier League (except for one anomaly when they finished at the bottom of the Top 10), for me the interesting story is West Ham United, as I noted in a previous post, who could get into the Europa Cup by finishing fifth. The update is that they did what they had to do against Burnley, winning 2-1.   Next up is the critical Everton game.

Highlights of WHU-Burnley:

WHU has lucked into a last-four-game schedule that is favorable.  If you look at the current standings, they play Everton (9), Brighton and Hove Albion (14), West Brom (19), and Southampton (15).  The problem is, the chasers -- Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool -- have pretty cushy last-4 schedules too.  However, Liverpool now has to play a make-up game with Man U., due to the postponement of the Man U. game.  Everything is so packed at the end of the season I don't know if they've found a date for that yet. And Spurs finish with Leicester City on the last day of the season, and LC is pretty good this year, and could get into the Champions League.  So that's not a pushover.  

I don't think Liverpool will lose another game other than Man U., but since that's a game in hand it's not as critical.  So WHU has a four point lead and can lose 3, i,e., one game to keep ahead of Liverpool.  If Tottenham wins all four, WHU can't lose any.  

Nail-biter, baby. 

What is the point of this?


It's a big airplane.  Not sure what it's good for, but it's big.

Stratolaunch takes off for its 2nd flight

Here's what it is supposed to be good for.

"Stratolaunch was built as a platform for air launching rockets into orbit. It can carry 250,000 kilograms (550,000 pounds) of external payload and has a wingspan of 117 meters (385 feet), which is 28.5 meters (95 feet) more than that of the world’s heaviest and second-largest airplane, the Antonov An-225 Mriya."

I just don't know if they have a launch manifest yet.

The black-and-white magnificence of Kalyssa Alynn


Yes, she looks great in color (especially flesh tones) too.  But model Kalyssa Alynn takes truly spectacular black-and-white photographs.

Three examples shown here.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Reality-denying Gov Kristi Noem of SD wants Rushmore fireworks to go on


Let's NEVER forget that Governor Noem gifted the former disaster of a President a model of Mount Rushmore with his face on it.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem sues Biden administration for canceling the July 4 fireworks at Mount Rushmore after display resumed last year after 10-year break

"The state's application to hold fireworks this year was denied by the National Park Service, which cited safety concerns tied to dry conditions and the possibility of wildfires - and also objections from local Native American tribes.

Noem's lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for South Dakota, argues that the decision was 'arbitrary and capricious' and violated the powers granted to the agency in the Constitution."

Arbitrary and capricious?
"Last month, however, the park service had to close the monument for several days as firefighters battled wildfires within the park grounds.

The wildfires in part prompted Noem to declare a state of emergency until June, citing 'widespread drought conditions, low humidity, high wind and high temperatures that create serious peril for our state.'
So all that serious peril is going to go away by July 4 if the state of emergency goes through June.

There's something wrong with that.

There's a lot wrong with the governor of South Dakota.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Mishe-Nahma, is that you?


If you don't know the reference, it's from The Song of Hiawatha (Longfellow), the section describing how Hiawatha went fishing to catch the King of Fishes, the great sturgeon Mishe-Nahma.

Now, quick investigation revealed that lake sturgeon in the Great Lakes haven't been caught nearly as big as the legendary Mishe-Nahma, which was big enough to do what it did to Hiawatha in the epic poem.  (I don't want to give the story away if you haven't read it -- you should!  Broaden your cultural horizons!)  But hey -- Gitchee Gumee was Lake Superior, and Lake Superior is BIG.   Not Caspian Sea big, where 18-foot, 4400 pound behemoths once lived (the monsters are probably gone), but still, who knows for sure? Probably not, but they do get big.  

And though they are far more rare now than they were, they still exist.  And they still get pretty big.

240-pound sturgeon caught in Detroit River among biggest ever recorded in US

Hiawatha goes fishing, below:

Yet another argument for basic gun control


One of the differences between people who don't own guns, and thus don't carry them, and people who do own guns, and carry them (or keep them nearby) is that people who don't have guns nearby can't grab them when they get angry about something petty.

Suspect, 19, arrested after deadly shooting at Starbucks drive-thru in Lake Worth Beach

So, here's the basics.  The suspect apparently cut off the victim in the drive-thru line at the Starbucks.  The victim apparently went road raging in the parking lot, and assaulted the suspect's car, where the suspect, his girlfriend, and their baby were located.  As the victim went back to his car, the suspect got out and reportedly shot the victim three times.  He died later at the hospital.

There's a couple of lessons here.

One, even though other people are inconsiderate jerks, is it really worth going ape-shit because you got cut off in the drive-thru line and have to wait three more minutes for your cafe mocha?

Two, given that American leads the world in gun ownership, one must assume the possibility that the person who you are considering confronting/assaulting might have a gun, and might be tempted to use it on you.  Is it worth your life to take the chance to make a point, particularly in a violent manner?  

Three, it's never a good idea to assault someone's car when there's a baby inside (usually with a parent inside too).  This induces protective reactions.

Four, I expect that though the suspect will go to jail (which isn't worth it at all), that he'll be able to get the crime of which he's accused (murder) reduced to something like aggravated manslaughter, because the victim clearly did come after him for being an inconsiderate jerk.  It wasn't premeditated.

Five, don't carry a Glock in your car if you can't control your temptation to use it in non life-threatening situations.  And if you do use it, maybe you should shoot at the other guy's car and not at him. 

Right on Highway 41 in southern Wisconsin


Just three views this time, but more somewhat interesting views will be seen soon.

If you look over to the left, you'll see Held's Meat and Cheese Market.

This is just off the highway; it's the Polk Kames State Ice Age Trail Area.

Just off Highway 41, down County Road K, we can get a quick look at Big Cedar Lake. It lies southwest of West Bend.

Coming up next:  marshes!