Saturday, April 10, 2021

The best shot I found of the La Soufriere eruption


If you haven't been paying attention, you may have missed that the volcano La Soufriere on the Caribbean island evolved from having a lava dome-building eruption, where hot thick pasty lava extrudes slowly and relatively peacefully, to an explosive ash-releasing eruption.  

This eruption has forced evacuations from the northern part of the island (where the volcano is), and has deposited ash over most of the island.   Nobody's sure how long the dangerous explosive phase will last; it could evolve from here back to a dome building eruption, it could build and blow and build and blow, etc., or it could have one totally catastrophic gigantic massive apocalyptic climate-changing explosion that puts a caldera where St. Vincent is currently located.  (Nobody really wants that last one.)

So, there are many articles about this important event.  I'm going to link to the Daily Mail article, which had numerous pictures and three videos.  Below that is what I think is the best picture of the massive ash cloud.

St. Vincent is rocked by more volcano explosions after first eruption in more than 40 years as six-mile ash plume sees flights cancelled and 16,000 people told to evacuate

Though I can't really help, I hope the good people of St. Vincent stay safe.

As an aside, in 1902 this volcano erupted and killed over 1,500 people. This isn't exactly overlooked in the history books, but it is somewhat overshadowed by the eruption of Mont Pelee on Martinique on the same day and several hours later, which killed everybody in the city of St. Pierre except for one prisoner, around 27,000 poor souls.

Highway 41 Streetview trek sees more sights in the Milwaukee burbs


As promised, a couple of more sights just off Highway 41 in the Milwaukee environs.

Second sight (after the zoo) is the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds. It has a racetrack, this is the view from the north end of the racetrack.

Third sight is the Pettit National Ice Center, for a long time the only large speed skating oval in the United States, and it was outdoors, which meant variable ice conditions. It's indoors now, which means the ice is better and lasts longer (global warming, you know -- seriously).

Google Maps/StreetView didn't have a good look at the oval, so here's one. I didn't know until now that it has two hockey rinks inside the oval and a running track outside it.

Passing the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center, at least according to the water tower.

The building to the left is part of Wauwatosa West High School. WWHS won the Wisconsin State High School swimming championship in 1971. No really notable alumni.

There will be more outside Milwaukee before we get into the true country.

Lighthouse of the Week, April 4-10, 2021: Phare de Nice, France


I've given several lighthouses from France the Lighthouse of the Week status, because France has two separate coasts, both of which have a good number of lighthouses.   This time, I'll be returning to the South of France, specifically the city of Nice.  The Phare de Nice, phare being French for lighthouse, is on a long pier next to the harbor.

The Lighthouse Directory tells us more:

"Date unknown (probably around 1950). Active; focal plane 21 m (69 ft); red flash every 5 s. 22 m (72 ft) square masonry tower with lantern and gallery, mounted on a large square stone base. Lighthouse is white, lantern red with a white roof. ... The 1928 lighthouse, the fourth on the Nice breakwater, was heavily damaged during World War II; it was replaced by a wooden tower in 1945 and then by this lighthouse."

Several pictures are below, some of them a bit artsy, which I haven't really done for awhile, and one of them with a lunar eclipse, which I've never done before.

by aiglon6 on Flickr

from aimen aishur on Twitter

Friday, April 9, 2021

More fenomenal female flexibility


Back in December I posted this, with several examples of a particularly provocative photographic pose.

Split Revels

I recently found another fine example of the form, acquired from Olesia.  I plan a more detailed discussion of this particular model in the approaching future.

Another good argument for gun control


This one pretty much speaks for itself.

Burger King customer shoots through drive-thru window 'after becoming annoyed at her long wait time' before firing 'several shots' at fleeing workers

"  'Video surveillance shows the suspect retrieve a black handgun from the vehicle, extend her upper body through the drive-thru window, and fire several shots at the Burger King workers.

'The workers fled from the gunfire through the rear door of the business and were unharmed. The suspect was accompanied by a male who was the driver of the gray sedan.'

No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing."

As I've noted before, having a gun with you makes it much more tempting to use it in a moment of anger.  And it has been seen that this happens, resulting in injury and death, and not infrequently, the person who commits the attack regrets it, and then turns the same tempting gun onto their own self.

Is it really worth it to own and carry a gun when it's clear that this can happen?

I sure don't think so.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Remember what I said about the supersonic private jet?


In a post a couple of days ago, I mentioned that though I'm not wealthy, I'd sure like to snag a ride on a supersonic private jet.

Well, a couple of people are going to get a ride on something going considerably faster than that.

Inspiration4 announces crew for private SpaceX Crew Dragon mission

One part of this article says:
"In addition to announcing the crew, Isaacman [the billionaire who bought the mission] and SpaceX outlined the details of the mission itself. Launch is scheduled for no earlier than Sept. 15, slightly earlier than the original announcement of the fourth quarter of this year. The spacecraft will remain in orbit for three days, flying in an orbit at the same inclination as the International Space Station — 51.6 degrees — but in an orbit as high as 540 kilometers, more than 100 kilometers above the station."
I sure hope this works.

Highway 41 Streetview trek visits the zoo


We're going through and around Milwaukee on the Highway 41 end-to-end Streetview trek, so here are a few views.

OK, pay attention here. We're back on 41/I-94, but at this point 41 turns west briefly, and the combined numbers are 41-43-895. I'll spare you the interchange. Glad I'm not hiking this section.

Big curve to head north again. Right here it's called Zoo Freeway, too.

Heading north, 41 re-encounters Interstate 94. Rather than just show road here, let's see three nearby sights. The first is the Milwaukee County Zoo (remember it's also called Zoo Freeway in this stretch.) Zoo parking lot:

A view in the zoo, by the aviary.  I know Highway 41 went past Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, and I think it went by another one (Chattanooga? -- too lazy to check).  

The next two sights will be in the next (single) Highway 41 post.

A popular selfie viewpoint


I've noticed that for women on the beach, or on the bed, or on the floor, or on any flat surface, usually wearing either a bikini or lingerie (though that's not necessary), that a popular selfie viewpoint includes the paired curves of their backside.

It's not a viewpoint that I've gotten tired of yet.

Below are some examples.  I'm not sure they are all selfies, but they all have the same bassic them.

Sarah L. Houchens

Angela Amezcua (of "The Bachelor")

Dr. Kennedy Summers (of the Playmate of the Year)

In the above, personal trainer Lolla (@lalav_sa) demonstrates how to do this pose with and without underwear.

Alina Lobacheva 

Friday, April 2, 2021

Audrina Patridge still looks fine


I've seen Audrina Patridge in this commercial a few time recently, and enjoyed it every time. 

(Who is she?  you ask.  Bio here.)

I checked back in my blog, because I was pretty sure I had posted something about her sometime in its past.  But apparently not, even though she did pose nude for Playboy (a tryout) wearing an orange cowboy hat, and has been in that state a few other times for real, too.  And she's quite visually engaging in that state.  I was sure I had mentioned that.  Still, I think she looks fabulous now at 35, and should show do that again (posing nude), but I doubt she will. 

Still, she's on a bed in the commercial.  One can dream.  (She went through a messy divorce a couple of years ago and has been reported as dating someone else with a couple degrees of seriousness, but I don't know the current status of that relationship.) 

Melts in your hand (well, maybe not)


I found this article about a very old candy bar both interesting and amusing.

Chocolate bar given to troops during the Boer War is found untouched in a helmet case 121 years later

Basically, during the Second Boer War in South Africa (October 1889 - May 1902), the Queen of England (Victoria) gave all her soldiers a gift of a chocolate bar in a tin box with her picture on it.

So this one soldier never took a bite of his chocolate bar.  And they found it in a case with the helmet of that soldier, Sir Henry Edward Paston-Bedingfield.  And if that's not a great example of an English name, I'd have to look hard for a better one.

I guess chocolate wasn't his favorite treat, though.  Maybe he preferred Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Happy Easter!  Enjoy some chocolate!

Care for a ride?


I'm not wealthy;  I don't live in a big house;  I don't drive a sports car (though I had a cut-rate version once);  I don't eat in fancy restaurants;  I don't belong to a country club;  I just basically live a middle class life.  I don't envy the wealthy, though I wonder what I would do if I had a lot more money.  I hope I'd give some of it to charity and use it wisely.    So I don't wish to have the perks of extreme wealth, and I don't need them.

But I sure would like to fly in a private supersonic jet once.

Aerion AS3 supersonic airliner to reach Mach 4+ and carry 50 passengers

Note, however, that this plane is being planned.  Before that, they're going to start building a 12-passenger, Mach 1.4 plane in 2023, and they are already orders for 300 of them, including an order for 20 from Berkshire Hathaway.

Here's what the AS2 might look like.  I'll take a picture of the real one when I get to fly in it.

I don't know how I'm going to make that work, but I'm going to try and figure out a way.