Thursday, December 19, 2013

A banana crisis follow-up

Just posts ago I mentioned the global movement of the fungus which could spell the end of the Cavendish banana as we know it, the world's most popular (and virtually the only) banana.  This article discusses potential alternative bananas, which apparently are not as sweet.  And it also gets into the history of the worldwide banana, in which the Cavendish became ascendant when a different fungus (related to the one that could lay the Cavendish low) nearly wiped out the previous world's most popular banana, the Gros Michel.  (I have never heard of that before.)   If the Cavendish gets rotted out, the red banana and the manzano could replace it.  (I tried some mini bananas, but apparently ate them too soon, because they practically turned my mouth inside out.  You have to wait until the skin on minis is all brown.)

Well, ultimately, I really like the Cavendish banana.  I hope the food scientists of the world solve this problem.

Start Getting Used to the Idea of Eating Really Different Kinds of Bananas

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