Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This explains a lot of things

A lot of men must learn this lesson.  Some men don't.   Figure out where each path leads.

Why women are happier if they have the last word... but agreeing with everything their wives say only makes husbands miserable
"For the study, published in the British Medical Journal, a group of husbands had to agree with every opinion and request expressed by their wives without complaint, even if they thought they were wrong.

The researchers, from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, found that the men’s quality of life dipped from seven out of ten to three out of ten in only 12 days

In fact, the impact was so ‘severe’ the study had to be abandoned. And despite the power they wielded, the women’s happiness increased only slightly, from eight to 8.5. 
The study said: ‘It seems that being right is a cause of happiness, and agreeing with what one disagrees with is a cause of unhappiness."

So, if you are a husband and you argue (justifiably, when you know what you're talking about) with your wife, you feel happier but you have more conflict in your marriage and your wife might get fed up enough to leave you.  If you don't argue with her and try to agree with all of her ideas and opinions, nutty as they might be, then you end up wanting to leave her. Unless of course she's 20 years younger than you, wants to have sex every night, and looks like Brooklyn Decker.  Then you agree with anything she thinks, even if it means agreeing that natural stone or metal  objects from space are still meteors even after they land on Earth.  I mean, seriously...

So the key is... argue just enough with your wife to salvage your pride.  And then give it up.  That's what happy men have learned to do.

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