Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kate has a Rocknroll baby

Kate Winslet had her baby with husband and father Ned Rocknroll, a bouncing and healthy 9 pounder, putting Kate in the somewhat exclusive 3-for-3 club, three children with three different fathers (and notably, she was actually married to each of the fathers at the time the kids were born).  I'm not judging;  if anything, I admire her for spreading the wealth of her beauty around -- and I'm sure that though there were probably some regrets from the fathers that it didn't last, they probably appreciated the opportunity at the time.

I know I would.

Kate Winslet gives birth to healthy 9-pound baby boy  (discusses the 3x3 aspect).

Let's face it - Kate is gorgeous. And gorgeous begets love and lust amongst the menfolk.

And babies.

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