Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Baroness was (and is) hot

OK, I watched the live broadcast of The Sound of Music.  Opinions have been mixed - I think it was a stretch to expect that Carrie Underwood would be a great actress when she hasn't done any appreciable amount of acting.  In fact, it was brave of her to try something so iconic.  She sang great, which is what she does, and the best acting was done by others in the cast - notably the Baroness (Laura Benanti).

I knew I recognized her from somewhere, but was surprised to learn what somewhere I knew her from, which was the USA series Royal Pains.  When you read what she's done, including a Tony award, then I should know her from her other accomplishments.  But as the first linked article states, just because she should be well-known doesn't mean she is well-known.  As it says, "Though it’s criminal that none of Benanti’s film and TV star-is-born moments have yet to birth more mainstream recognition, it’s fitting that the latest opportunity comes in the form of a musical that quite literally changed her life."

‘Sound of Music’ Star Laura Benanti Is About to Be One of Your Favorite Things 

Some other articles, if you're interested in finding out more about her:

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And there's also this.  She's also very sexy.  Below she shows the proper way not to wear a tie.

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