Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Climate shifts soon?

James Hansen, formerly of NASA, spoke at the American Geophysical Union meeting today on the current sad state of the rapidly changing climate.  I couldn't find any quotes from the talk, which was pretty good, but they might show up tomorrow.  

So I found this article, which discusses recently published research, including research by Hansen.

Regarding the paper:

"If we don't get on a downward emissions pathway this decade, young people are likely to inherit a climate system with dramatic consequences out of their control," said James Hansen, the climate scientist who led the study. 
Stabilizing Earth's climate would also require restoring 100 billion metric tons of carbon to forests and soils through better management, the authors say. Going beyond typical research papers, they call for a global tax on carbon to facilitate a transition to nuclear and renewable energy."
That won't play well in some sectors.  But many big companies are already using a price for the carbon they use.  More on that later.

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