Monday, April 4, 2016

Lest we forget

Once upon a time, wet T-shirt contests were all the rage.  Perhaps they still are;  I haven't been on a college spring break for a long time.   So maybe there are still lots of wet T-shirt contests going on.

The thing about a wet T-shirt contest is that it serves to display, without total baringness, the ample assets of women with ample assets.  They aren't technically nude, but given a suitably sheer and suitably soaked T-shirt, there isn't a lot of difference.  But the owner of said assets can still claim she hasn't gone starkers on a technicality.

Which brings us to Charlotte McKinney, who most definitely has ample assets.  Charlotte rose to fame by looking, but not technically being seen as, totally nude in a Carl's Jr. commercial.  And she was on Dancing with the Stars briefly.    She's also been linked romantically with Stephen Dorff and Scott Eastwood, and very very recently with David Spade.  (How Spade does that, being a skinny white guy, is a good question.  He may make them laugh.  But even after having several other A-list paramours, and also after impregnating a Playmate (the nude kind), he still gets with Charlotte. Geez.)

Which brings us back to Charlotte.  She recently appeared in a wet T-shirt.

They appear real, and they're spectacular.  Umm, David, ever hear the one about having too much of a good thing?

Charlotte McKinney in a wet T-shirt

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