Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Unfortunate news for breakfast

If you like breakfast staples like pancakes and French toast, slathered in butter (or a suitable substitute) and maple syrup, I have to relay some unfortunate news.

Maple syrup may not taste as good, due to climate change.

Climate change is coming for your maple syrup

"Selena Ahmed, a researcher at Montana State University who is spearheading the project, said maple producers have told her team that weather within the season is becoming more variable, causing more erratic sap flows and impacting quality. The vagaries of sap flow may not mean much to the average waffle enthusiast, “but what is happening to changes in quality? That’s the big research gap and consumers can relate the most to that,” Ahmed said.

Ahmed is conducting a chemical analysis of syrup from the producers in the network to see how temperature shifts affect the compounds that give maple syrup its distinct flavor."

So, it isn't certain.  But it might change.  So enjoy your French toast and maple syrup, and remember how it tastes.

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