Saturday, April 23, 2016

Palace looking ahead to the FA Cup Semifinal?

Crystal Palace played a forgettable game against Manchester United on Wednesday, losing 2-0. They might be looking ahead to what is probably their highlight game of their year, the FA Cup semifinal against Watford on Sunday at Wembley Stadium. Given the disappointing course of their season thus far, getting into the FA Cup Final would be somewhat of a balm on their hurts. (Winning it would be even better, of course.)

If they win (not a sure thing, certainly), they'd play either Everton or the aforementioned Man U. in the final.

Here's the semi-final fixture "schedule" - it's pretty simple.

UPDATE:  Manchester United defeated Everton 2-1 on Saturday, so the winner of Crystal Palace v. Watford gets to face them -- and they're playing fairly well right now.

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