Monday, October 10, 2016

Bad harvest for Italian olive oil

If you love real olive oil (make sure you don't get the fake stuff), you'll worry along with me about this year's harvest.

Olive oil price set to soar after crops fail: Production falls to less than half of last year in some areas after infestation by pests

"The current Italian crop has been affected by pests, in particular the olive fly.

'In our region, Tuscany, forecasts are for less than 50 per cent of normal crop,' Mr Zanre [managing director of Filippo Berio] told The Grocer.

Olive oil production is also struggling in other areas of the world, with Greece, which has had similar pest problems to Italy, forecast to produce 220,000 tonnes of oil for 2016-17, compared with 300,000 tonnes the previous year."
Get yours now, before prices go up even higher.

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Lisa Radinovsky said...

This is not the full story. For a more complete picture, see 2016-17 Worldwide Olive Oil Production Estimates Compared