Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Lighthouse of the Week, October 2-8, 2016: Fanad Head, Ireland

I wondered this week if I had featured any lighthouses from Ireland.  Turns out that I did, the famous Fastnet Light, which is on the southernmost point of Ireland.  So this time I went way north, to the strikingly located Fanad Head Lighthouse in North Donegal.

Let's learn some more:

Great Lighthouses of Ireland:  Fanad Head

The Unforgettable Fanad Lighthouse Experience (you can bunk there)

Here's a little bit of info about the lighthouse from the second site:

  • The light is 39 metres above sea level and there are 79 steps in the tower.Fanad Lighthouse now offers guests the opportunity to stay in our newly refurbished self catering cottages. There are three cottages available at the Lighthouse for a truly unique holiday experience.
  • The Tower is 22 metres high from foundation to the top of the tower not including the lantern.
  • This light is classified as a sea light as distinct from a harbour light although it does mark the entrance to Lough Swilly which is a natural harbour of refuge.
  • The original building was commissioned following the Saldanha wreck. Building commenced in 1815 and was completed in 2 years by the Commissioners of the Ballast Board. It is of granite and was sent from the North hall , Dublin, ready prepared.
  • The building was designed by the corporation’s inspector Mr George Halpin and the building work was overseen by a Mr.Carpenter of Dublin and cost £2,000. The light was first lit on St. Patrick’s day 17th March 1817.

And here's three pictures of this Irish light:

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