Thursday, October 13, 2016

Good read from The Atlantic on climate change denial

Insightful article from The Atlantic:

Republicans Can Understand Science and Still Deny Climate Change

"The report also confirms that Republicans and Democrats—especially on the parties’ respective right and left wings—hold differing views on climate change. But it finds that, especially on the left, these views are modestly moderated by someone’s understanding of general science. In other words, a Democrat with a high amount of science knowledge (including on health and biological concepts) is more likely to correctly state that humans are causing climate change than a Democrat with low science knowledge. Whereas being highly educated or having a high amount of science knowledge doesn’t make Republicans any more likely to say the same."
"About 60 percent of those polled predict that climate change will force Americans to make major changes to their “ways of life” in the next 50 years."

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