Monday, October 24, 2016

Does Trump have a chance to win? Likely... not

Here's an article I'll just pass along about the chances that Donald Trump still has a chance to win the election.

His chances are pretty slim, basically.

A Donald Trump Win Would Signal The Biggest Poll Failure Ever

"On the national level, polls have been very consistent in indicating that Clinton is the frontrunner in the presidential race. Only 2 of the 40 national Trump versus Clinton polls over the past month in the HuffPost Pollster database have shown Trump leading ― and we’d expect about that many to be wrong overall simply because of errors in the sampling and survey processes.

There is more variance in poll results some of the states. Clinton and Trump are duking it out for the polling lead in Ohio, for example. But according to the HuffPost presidential forecast model, Clinton’s advantage in the states she needs to win the Electoral College is consistent and strong ― she doesn’t need any tossup states in order to win."

All of that is good.

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