Monday, October 24, 2016

If wishes were unicorns

Now that it appears mightily that HRC is set to be POTUS, because her nasty opponent has been successfully self- torpedoing his own campaign (and I still think that might be intentional), the consideration is now whether or not the Dems can retake the Senate.

This Huffington Post article thinks there's a chance.

Republicans could lose the Senate majority

Obviously, it's going to be close. But I fondly, fondly wish that it happens. And then, sadly for Merrick Garland, I hope Obama withdraws his name and lets HRC nominate a very liberal judge. Because that would make the sourpuss on Leader Mitch McConnell, the absolute horrific excuse for a Senator that refused to consider Garland, even more sour. Which would be absolutely GREAT!

In fact, Jeff Flake has seen the train coming, and wants to confirm Garland before Obama has a chance to pull the good judge from consideration.

Report: Flake is ready to move forward with Garland's nomination

My guess is that one of these Senate races will be so close there will have to be a recount, so we won't know for certain until weeks after November 8.

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