Sunday, April 2, 2017

Lighthouse of the Week, April 2-8, 2017: Cape Arago, Oregon

The Cape Arago lighthouse is this week's Lighthouse of the Week.  Catch it while you can, it may not be there much longer.

The island it is located on is being eroded, and much of that island has already disappeared.  I got that from this Web site:

Cape Arago Lighthouse Site Faces Dim Future

Also learned from that site that access is pretty difficult, because they removed a decaying footbridge that was the only way to get onto the island.

Here's more about it from Lighthouse Friends (this site also has a locator map):

Cape Arago, Oregon

The first lighthouse on the site was built in 1864, which is somewhat amazing considering the country was involved in the Civil War at the time.  A second lighthouse was built there in 1908.  A third lighthouse was built in 1934 -- and that's the only building remaining on the island.

That one has been deactivated by the Coast Guard, and is currently the property of the Confederated Tribes.  At least for as long as it lasts.

To the pictures!

This one is a pretty good wallpaper

Shows the footbridge that has since been removed

This final amazing picture shows why the island the Cape Arago Lighthouse is on is eroding. Taken by Kristal Talbot and available from Fine Art America, it shows the waves from a heavy sea hitting the rocks below the Cape Arago light.  Click for full impact (literally).

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