Tuesday, April 18, 2017

More crabs is probably good

Saw this report from the Baltimore Sun that the mild winter apparently means a better crab season, so that this is a good year for crabs.

Does it ever amaze you at the abundance of the oceans and estuaries? We fish like crazy, and there are millions of people to feed and a lot of seafood restaurants and seafood counters at the grocery store, and there always seem to be fillets of several different species. Add to that the fish sticks, canned tuna, "fake" crab (pollock), etc. It astonishes me at how much the oceans hold. 550 million crabs in one body of water, even though the Chesapeake Bay is pretty big, seems pretty amazing too, like they're crawling all over each other on the bottom.

Well, anyway, maybe that means I can have a couple of crab cakes this summer.

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