Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A great quote from George Will

I don't always agree with George Will (especially the views he has expressed on climate change).  But his column entitled "The 'Oh, never mind' president" had a great quote, directed at the misguided citizens of the U.S.A. that voted for Donald Trump.

Here's the quote:
"Donald Trump’s “Oh, never mind” presidency was produced by voters stung by the contempt they detected directed toward them by the upper crust. Their insurrection has been rewarded by Trump’s swift shedding of campaign commitments, a repudiation so comprehensive and cavalier that he disdains disguising his disdain for his gulled supporters."
In case his supporters need a definition of "gull" (the verb), here it is:

"to take advantage of (one who is foolish or unwary) : deceive"

In other words, Trump supporters, you've been had. Big time.

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