Saturday, April 1, 2017

Spring Break Week, Day 6

One thing that frequently happens on spring break vacations is that young women rid themselves of inhibitions (often with the assistance of large amounts of alcohol), make bad decisions, and get naked inappropriately.  Many young men on spring break vacations appreciate this immensely.

So for today's spring break tribute, I have three pictures of women getting naked.  Appropriately or inappropriately?  You decide.

First, Joanna Krupa, who likes to get naked frequently (at least if you follow her on Instagram), and I'm convinced her husband is appreciative. So are her numerous followers.  And with a world-class body like hers, nakedness seems quite appropriate.  I did some color and brightness adjustments on this picture to bring out its best features. Definitely looks like she's on spring break.

Next, Halle Berry, who still looks great at age 51, and in this picture, seems to be intent on demonstrating it.

And finally, this anonymous picture shows a woman in a white dress shirt (something I like a lot) looking intent on getting inappropriate with somebody.  Or maybe standing by the window half-dressed like that is inappropriate.  Either way, it's a sexy picture. (I also brightened this a bit.)

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